I have grown up in the rusty areas of Texas and back there, we had basic services for internet and television. There were no cable or fiber providers since the area was geographically remote. We had satellite internet and TV, instead. The service had a limited channel lineup and when the weather was windy, we faced many connection issues. While moving to an urban center to attend college, I was taken aback by the number of cable providers in the metropolis. There were so many options available that it became difficult for me to choose one. After doing a lot of research, I was able to cherry-pick the best HD cable providers in the US. I’m a tech geek and before buying anything, I make sure to check all the reviews online. While choosing a cable provider, I did the same.

There are a lot of factors to be considered while choosing a cable provider. First, it should fit the budget. The equipment should be up-to-date with features like DVR. It should have a wide variety of channels including all the local and national channels. Lastly, it should provide a crystal-clear picture. Considering all the features, here’s a list of the best HD providers in the States.

In no particular order:

Cox Communications

Cox Communications has a footprint in more than 18 states. The provider is known for its Contour TV service. All Cox cable packages have HD included with no extra charges. The provider lets you customize your plan and get all the channels you like. Cox has TV plans for everyone. You can get the Cox Starter plan with a little over 50 channels or get the high-end plan with over 200 networks. There are separate charges for the DVR service, but you can record as many shows as you like. Moreover, you can add premium channels to your plan separately. Cox is the best choice for households that need an affordable plan.


Charter Spectrum™ is a household name in the United States, covering more than 41 states. Right after the merger of Charter Communications® with Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable, the provider expanded its coaxial cable network. Today, Spectrum provides high-speed internet, HD cable, and digital phone services. Its TV plans are divided into three categories: Select, Silver, and Gold. The Select plan has 125+ channels, most of which are in HD. Silver and Gold are high-end plans with a wider variety of channels including premium delectable, like HBO®, Showtime® and others. There are extra charges for the DVR service. Overall, the plans are affordable and you can save by bundling up with the internet and digital phone service. Spectrum has no contracts.


Comcast Xfinity has services in more than 39 states with a major presence in Florida, Illinois, and California. Xfinity offers a digital cable TV service that is known for its diversity of channels and price range. All Xfinity cable or internet plans come with a flexible contract option. If you don’t want to sign a contract, you can choose the contract-free mode. Xfinity has a widespread coaxial cable network and all the popular channels in its lineups. You can get premium channels in your current plan too by paying extra. Moreover, Xfinity provides the perfect deals for sports fans. You can watch your favorite teams from the NBA, NFL, and MLS and stay up-to-date on the season games. Not only that, but you can also access the on-demand service without hassle. Xfinity has a huge library of movies and TV shows… just a click away. The latest DVR technology from Xfinity can store up to 500 GB of data!

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Mediacom is another great provider with a service footprint in more than 18 states. The cable company delivers high-speed internet and HD TV service, along with phone to the subscribers. Mediacom channel lineups are customized to meet the needs of every household, and have a tint of all the local and national networks included. There are premium channels that you can add to your existing plan for an extra charge. The DVR service is great, and distributed via the well-renowned TiVO boxes.


The last provider on our list is Optimum. The only drawback to this provider is its limited availability. It is only available in New York, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Optimum’s DVR service is the real showstopper here. With it, you can record 15 shows at once and take advantage of more than 75 hours of storage. The provider is based in New York City, so you can get a fair deal of all the popular local programming. Optimum is best-suited for families because everyone can record their favorite shows at one time without any dispute.

Final Verdict

These are the top HD cable providers in the United States. Which do you have? Let us know about your experience in the comment section below.

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