When you plan to create short dance, lip-syncing, or comedy videos the first thing that comes to your mind is TikTok. With more than 800 million users and 1 billion downloads, it is one of the best trending apps in the Apple app store and in Google play store.

TikTok was launched by a Beijing-based internet technology company named Bytedance in 2016. Since then it’s staggering growth has challenged other established social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. This is also an app where people love to spend more time than others.

The 15 seconds videos are so enticing that an average TikTok user loves to spend at least 30 minutes a day browsing the videos. At least half of all users create their own video and 68% love to watch other’s creativity in the TikTok network. With the ever-increasing TikTok popularity, marketing in Tiktok can open new windows of success for any business.

Just like with other social media platforms, you need to expand your network in TikTok to capture more attention from targeted audiences. You can buy Tiktok followers, followers, views, stocks, and comments to connect with more audiences. Besides, the best way to expand your network is to increase followers by posting engaging and entertaining content. You can either buy it or grow it slowly with time. To buy authentic TikTok followers try this link:


Other than expanding networks, there is more to learn for successful TikTok marketing. Let’s find some effective TikTok business tips.

1. Be Creative with Content

There could be several competitors launching the same product or services in your niche. So, you have to be creative to market your business on social media channels like TikTok. You can use professional cameras and the best video editing software to create videos that are absolutely unique to others.

When you are creating videos for TikTok, keep two magic ingredients in mind- babies and pets. These work better than any studded contents in TikTok marketing. Keep your message in short and make the video lively and interesting.

These marketing tactics are different from the traditional ones to promote your product. You need to play it smart and promote your message or product while making a video interesting for your target audience. People love to spend 15 seconds watching entertaining and interesting content. Add music and effects to decorate your final promotion.

2. Use In-feed Native Ads

One of the best features of TikTok is “For You” pages. Here you will find 5 to 15 seconds vertical videos with call to actions such as downloads or page visits to the targeted landing page.

These videos are skippable meaning the audience can skip the video if they don’t find it interesting. On the other hand, if the content is interesting, then the audience will tag some more people and you may find it trending in today’s list. In-feed native ads are effective as you can measure viewing time, total views, impressions, click-through rates, etc.

3. Try Brand Take Over Ads

These ads appear on users’ feeds before they see any other content. These ads are category-exclusive meaning every day there will be a single category of ads to pop based on the user’s interest.

This is a unique opportunity to gain insight into consumer behavior in your niche. If you make your content appealing and try brand take over ads then surely it can drive a lot of organic traffic to your websites or landing pages.

4. Focus on User-generated Contents

Instead of posting public videos, focus more on user-generated content where you can target segment marketing. Let’s say you are promoting fashion. If you create a video on denim and promote it to denim lovers that will extract more views and clicks than random marketing.

Try hashtags to find audiences with a common interest. You can also include your brand name to promote brand images to your audience. Let’s say your brand name in ZIVA and your hashtag to promote your video is #ZIVAdenimstyles. Add some music and try to make it funny. This is one way to reach consumers beyond borders who are in search of denim fashion.

5. Sponsored Hashtag Challenges

No wonder Hashtag challenges are a big deal in TikTok marketing. People love to join new challenges in the discovery pages. To obtain customer banners across discovery pages, you have to pay for sponsored hashtag challenges.

Whenever a user taps on a banner it will take straight to the video explaining the challenge while promoting your brand offers. You can offer gifts, discounts, and coupons to the winner for a limited time. This is a proven method to drive more consumers to your business.

Most TikTok users are young, and a study found that almost half of all TikTok users ages below 25. So, while creating sponsored hashtag challenges keep this in mind and set anything that tempts the youth. Try a bit of market research and offer things that are on trend with the new generation.

6. Collaborate Influencers to Your Marketing

Just like Youtube and Instagram, influencers have a big role to play in TikTok marketing. Influencers are the guys with large numbers of followers and already set popularity in the TikTok network. Whenever they post any videos they have hundreds of likes, shares, comments, views, and more. 

As a marketer, you need to use this stimulus and collaborate with these influencers to promote your business. They will help promote your videos and drive more traffic to your targeted pages. Like any influencers on social media, they won’t promote for free but you have to go for some negotiations and offer them some benefits.

Another importance of collaborating influencers is enhancing brand images.  Whenever any influencer promotes something associated with your products/services, they leave a positive impression of your brand with their followers. So, you scale out your business in a very short time. Also, it is a win-win situation for both influencers and marketers.

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7. Try Paid Campaign

To drive target-oriented consumers you can always try paid campaigns on any social media platform. Though this is an expensive process, it is more fruitful to generate revenue in the long-term. Also, this age-old process is still effective to build leads for sustainable conversions.

Final Verdict

TikTok’s emergence as a highly influential social media platform in the last couple of years has been truly jaw-dropping.  Their number of followers has been on the rise every single day since their launch.

Trying TikTok for business can be the next sensation of marketing. The earlier you start the better you can penetrate the potential market of TikTok.

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