We all love fresh, vibrant straight out of salon hair colour but can it be safe and last longer? Definitely yes if using correct hair care products right after coloring. Colour protect shampoo is a great option that will save you money, time and lock in the hair colour. The very first rule after coloring, before shampooing for the first time is to wait at least 2 days or more if possible and let the color settle in deeply into your locks. Then you can go ahead and start using colour safe shampoo to nourish the hair and make vibrant hair colour last longer, here are reasons why colour protecting shampoo is worth the money.

Gentle Cleansing

Colour safe shampoos are way more gentle for your hair because they do not contain sulfates or other harsh ingredients. Harsh cleansers tend to strip away all the pigment and leave hair looking dull and faded. It is also important to keep in mind that the more often you wash hair, the faster salon colour will fade away.

Maintain pH Balance

To protect radiant hair colour and healthy hair it is important to ensure stable pH balance. Colour protecting shampoos are designed to seal the hair cuticle and rebalance natural pH level. When choosing such a kind of shampoo you invest into healthy hair growth, safe cleanse and longer lasting hair dye colour.

Hydration and Nourishment

Depending on your hair type and diet, after coloring treatment your hair may get dry, rough and ask for additional attention because of chemicals in hair dye. Colour safe shampoos are created to maintain moisture levels and nourish the locks with active ingredients. Make sure your shampoo contains highly nourishing natural elements that will keep hair healthy after dye treatment.

Hair Restoration

As already mentioned, coloring treatments may negatively affect your hair, especially after bleaching. Chemicals in hair dyes open up the hair cuticle and therefore locks become extremely sensitive to any environmental or mechanical factors. What can you do? Choose a colour safe shampoo that has hair reconstruction and rejuvenation functions, it will form a protective layer around each strand and restore hydration and healthy balance in your locks.

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These are the main benefits of colour protecting shampoo but you can imagine what results can be achieved when using a matching conditioner and additional hair care treatments. It is important to choose shampoo that considers your current hair condition and needs (color treated) and provides corresponding results. Colour safe products gently cleanse the scalp, nourish strands and cover each hair with protective film to retain colour and healthy hair structure.