When you get your new iPhone, you treat it like a baby. Although you still care for it the same, over time, you don’t treat it the same. 

Did you know 75% of people have dropped their phones costing Americans over $3 billion to fix it each year? 

Time seems to stop when your iPhone drops and you pick it up to learn the sad truth: a cracked iPhone screen. 

Your mind may draw a blank on what to do. Here are 5 solutions that may work for you. 

1. Use One of Your Older Phones 

Depending on the severity, cracking your iPhone can alter its sensitivity. Struggling to type on your keyboard, swipe apps, or navigate normally, is just as frustrating as the crack itself. If you (or someone else) have an older phone laying around it will come in handy to use temporarily. 

If it’s also an iPhone, there won’t be much change if you remembered to back up your data often. All you would need to do is log in with your Apple ID. 

2. Check to See If You Have Apple Care 

The cosmetic defect is annoying, and most iPhone owners want to repair it as soon as they can. If you recently brought your iPhone or added extended insurance with a provider, there’s hope to get it fixed.

You should check with Apple Care or your phone insurance to see if and how much phone screen repair will cost.  It may not cost you much or anything depending on the circumstances. 

3. Get the Screen Fixed at an Apple Repair Retailer

iPhones cost hundreds of dollars and getting it repaired directly through Apple can cost your other arm and leg. If you don’t have insurance or an existing warranty, it’s better to fix your phone at an Apple repair location.

You should research several in your area while keeping pricing, reputations, and quality of equipment in mind. A good Apple repair location, like fruitfixed.com, will look at your iPhone and give you an accurate quote on the cost. 

4. Replace the Screen by Yourself

If you’re willing to put your inspector gadget hat on, you could also buy another screen and replace it on your own. You can get screen kits or buy them from sellers online who want to give them away.

Other than the scary moment of opening the iPhone up with a screwdriver, it is relatively quick to do. If you are completely clueless about how to do it, there are many tutorials you can follow. Just don’t mess up the heart of your iPhone in the process. 

5. Sell Your Phone and Get Another One  

Maybe your iPhone was hanging on its last leg anyway and you planned to upgrade at some point. This predicament now came sooner than later. Even cracked, your iPhone is still valuable so do not throw it away. You can still sell your iPhone and get some money out of it and use those funds to purchase a different phone. 

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Cracked iPhone Screen Solutions 

You never know when your phone is going to fall, so it is best to protect it. Keeping a phone screen protector and a phone case on your phone is your best bet to keep it safe. While they do work as excellent barriers, you still may damage your phone. If you have a cracked iPhone screen, you can get fix the problem with one of these tips. 

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