Previously, it was believed that to launch a new product it takes a lot of effort, time, and resources. Now, if you hire a professional digital marketing company, they can make all your pain away. These marketing agencies have all the team at the place, and they devise a digital marketing strategy to get your product up there fast.

It is an era of digital transformation; you don’t need 30 days of marketing to launch a product. You need a few research-based strategies that can help you get your product out there in the market.

If you are a startup and don’t have a budget to hire a digital agency you can try out these digital marketing strategies which can help you get a head start with your new product.

Most of the startups fail because they don’t give enough time to the launch of the product. They don’t invest their hours in devising strategies for the digital age. Yes. This is a digital age. If you have money you can easily for a professional digital marketing company New York and forget about everything else. They will take care of your digital strategy.

However, if you want to start on your own, there is another way.

Take the below-mentioned strategies and follow them with a pure heart.

Create a long waiting list

People nowadays don’t give something value if it is not earned. When you are planning to launch a product, a good practice is to start with an invite. This will give people some sense of achievement even before they start using your product.

Those who got the invitation will consider themselves special. Moreover, when you launch the product, they will be the first to test your product.

This comparison– the uninvited and the invited people will give people some reason to stand out from other people. A sense that they are treated as someone special from others.

Email everyone, including your security guard

Yes. I am not joking. More than 59% of marketers believe that email is their most effective medium of conversion.  

If you’re not using email, you are losing a massive chunk of pie on the table.

You can send weekly emails regarding your product launch. 11 AM EST is the best time to send an email that received the maximum amount of open-rate.

A chain of emails will not only engage the users; it will update the customers and remind them to try out your product.

A personalized email will give an emotional touch to your emails and customers will try to use your product even if it is just for one time only.

It would be best if you let the customers know that you are launching a product and that they are the special ones who got an opportunity to try out the product.

Create some hype

Human beings are curious by birth. When they are born, they are curious about everything they see. As they grow old, they lose some curiosity behind their way.

However, this curiosity remains deep down somewhere in the minds of these humans.

Take this curiosity to the next level by leveraging the power of hype.

Never reveal the full features or the entire grand idea of your product. Keep some things, offers, and discounts for the launch day.

Emails or social media platforms can aid you to create a hype for your product/service.

A hype will give your brand all the attention it needs. Consider offering free trials to first few customers. Alternatively, giving them some discounts on referring to their friends.

The core aim is to tout out some things without revealing everything about your product. Always hold off some things for the grand launch.

Try a visual countdown

A countdown is something which is always appreciated by people.

To make things interesting, introduce a digital countdown. For instance, make some humorous, or creative photos highlighting the core benefits of your product and run a countdown from it.

A study by Microsoft revealed that when a message is repeated, it is 6X times to be remembered as compared to a standard product launch.

Visual appeal is always engaging for the customers. When you add a flavor of creativity to something, people attract towards it like magic; customers will not just like the idea; they will share the idea with their friends.

Use Social Media Platforms to get attention

Either post blogs, run ads or collaborate with digital influencer . If you want to have a successful product launch, you must utilize all the social media platforms to get attention.

You never know where your customers are, so you must try every platform and see which one is working for your target audience.

Social media platforms will maximize your product reach and give the customers a reason to trust in your brand even before the product is launched.

Get traffic from Quora, learn how to attract customers from Reddit, and launch your product on product hunt.

When you are planning for success, there is no such thing as ‘ignoring.’ If everyone else is doing and achieving some results from it, why not you.

Ready for the grand launch?

The most important factor that you need to worry about is consistency. Whatever strategy you want to apply, be consistent with it. Brands fail not because they do wrong things; mostly, it is lack of consistency that makes the brands fail.

Even if you have failed a couple of times, it is advised that if you stay consistent with your failure, you will learn some things from that failure. The wise saying goes that plan is nothing; everything is all about planning. If you plan things before the launch, there will be no room or less room for mess-ups. Prevention is better than waiting for the disaster to happen. If you are not sure about your product, launch a beta version and follow through the feedback from customers. This will give you a clear idea of what you can do next to make the launch successful.

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