Are you a Sagittarius woman looking to date? Don’t let your star sign ruin your dating life. Here are 5 obvious relationship mistakes for you to avoid.

It’s the million dollar question: What do women want? Studies show they desire commitment, honesty, generosity, and satisfaction in the bedroom.

They also want a partner that is compatible with their own personality traits. Following your own zodiac sign is a sure way to find the right match. But how do you hold on to them?

Read on for the top 5 relationship mistakes a Sagittarius woman should avoid.

A Sagittarius Woman’s Personality, Explained 

A Sagittarius woman has ties to Jupiter, the planet that gets known as the King of the Gods.

This can explain a Sagittarius’ optimistic and limitless energy. It’s an energy that other signs find themselves gravitating towards.

Sag’s are also self-confident and independent. They value their freedom and tend to be more set in their ways. Deep down they are adventure seekers, searching for the next thrill.

Other personality traits include a value for knowledge and appreciation for humor. This means they tend to get attracted to men who can make them laugh.

Yet, dating a Sagittarius woman should also call for intimacy. As Sag’s desire to be close to others.

They also value honesty over all else. Most will be upfront with others rather than beating around the bush.

How Zodiac Signs Can Influence Your Love Life

Sagittarius is a sign of fire, which can mean a red-hot love life.  Yet, this also depends a lot on the sign of your significant other.

A Sagittarius woman can use these tips for help in choosing a compatible partner. Or she can follow her Sagittarius daily horoscope to help find love.

Sag’s pair well with Aquarius, Aries, Leo, and Libra. Pisces and Virgo tend to be harder to have a relationship with. Yet, this doesn’t mean you can’t find love with any zodiac sign.

Follow these 5 tips to help maintain a healthy and long-lasting relationship.

5 Relationship Mistakes You Should Avoid 

Being a Sagittarius may mean you have a strong personality type. But you’re also capable of being a great lover. Especially when you learn to avoid certain relationship-drama triggers.

1. Not Taking Things Slow Enough

Commitment can be a tricky concept for a Sagittarius woman in relationships. Moving too fast can cause problems and create a fear of commitment. As many of these women need time for feelings to show and grow.

Instead of getting emotional too quick, be patient with yourself and your partner. It pays to take time in getting to know each other. This includes thinking things through before making any big steps in a relationship.

Take extra time before you first plan to meet their parents. Don’t rush into saying those three little words. The same goes for moving in together or getting engaged.

It helps to be honest and open about your feelings, which is never a problem for a Sagittarius. Be sure to communicate this outlook to your partner so they understand. This way you can both follow a slow and steady path to a serious relationship.

2. Not Being Sympathetic to Your Partner’s Needs 

Sag’s are smart, sensible, and full of knowledge. They tend to speak what’s on their mind. Yet, this can sometimes get miscommunicated as being insensitive or as a know-it-all.

In a Sagittarius relationship, it’s important to think before you speak. This ensures you’re not going to say something that your partner will take offense to. Be sure to also sympathize and take your partner’s feelings into consideration.

Try to practice the art of listening rather than telling. Look for opportunities to learn from your partner instead of only teaching them. You want to be a shoulder that they can lean on for support.

Sagittarius get known for being less open to change. Another tip is to work on compromising more with your partner.

When Things Get Heated…

Every couple has disagreements. But, it’s how you treat your partner during these times that will determine if you stay together.

Treating your partner with contempt is the #1 cause of couples breaking up. This means you want to avoid thinking that your partner’s point of view is beneath yours. Give them a chance to explain their feelings and make valid points.

3. Not Giving Yourself Enough Space

In the early stages of a relationship, it can be easy to become carried away. This often means spending every second with your new beau.

But women should take caution with this if they want the relationship to last. As not enough personal space is one of the most common causes of relationship problems.

This is especially true for a Sagittarius, who craves independence. Not having enough distance can cause them to act out in a negative way. This can cause either them to push away.

Are you wondering how does a Sagittarius woman act in love? They feel respected and in control of their own schedule. They have enough time away to miss their significant other.

So take time for yourself, including casual nights out with the girls. As well as your own hobbies and spiritual practices, like yoga.

4. Not Staying True to Your Word 

Trust can cause big issues in any relationship. Sagittarius’ are honest, yet they also find pleasure in grand gestures. They can sometimes have problems keeping plans and promises that got made.

This is because a Sag is an adventure seeker, and somewhat impulsive. They are easy to get side-tracked by a new idea or inspiration. You may not mean to be misleading, but your partner won’t always see it that way.

These women can also be more closed-lipped about emotions. A partner may take this as seeming detached or playing hard to get.

So be sure to work on expressing your feelings better. This will help show your partner how much they mean to you.

5. Not Seeking Enough Thrills

A Sagittarius needs stimulation (both mental and physical) to feel fulfilled. They crave new adventures and hate feeling caged up.

Wondering how to date a Sagittarius woman, and keep her happy? Be open to trying new things and seeking new learning opportunities with them. Keep the mystery and romance alive by planning fun new date ideas.

Go exploring in the great outdoors by hiking or kayaking. This is good for your relationship, mental health, and blood pressure.

Keep boredom at bay by taking a spontaneous road trip or weekend getaway. Try new activities and cuisines together. Take a cooking class, learn a new language, or try couples yoga.

Finding the One, and Holding on to them…

With these dating tips, it’s easy for a Sagittarius woman to find and keep love. As with any relationship, it’s all about compatibility and compromise.

Once you’ve found the right match, use this proactive approach to keep that spark alive. You’ll also want to stay on the lookout for these signs that your relationship is starting to suffer. This will help you keep a healthy, and long-lasting relationship.