A happy relationship isn’t just a gift of fate – it’s hard work. When you love someone more than anything, everything happens by itself. You don’t allow yourself to offend or betray your loved one. But over time, when the feelings start to disappear, we begin to do what we didn’t dare to do before. A lot of things can destroy even the most harmonious relationship. Here’s the list of the most dangerous of them.


Lies can ruin the foundation of any, even the strongest union. And even such a concept as a white lie is also not the best thing in the relationship. Lies breed mistrust. And this is your main enemy. It’s important not only to be honest with your loved one but also to adequately perceive the truth.

Lying to yourself, you also do a lot of harm. Sometimes the relationship collapses not because we lie to our partners but because we’re not honest enough with ourselves. Is that the person I want to live my whole life with? Do I want to devote myself to this relationship? Once you sincerely answer these questions, you’ll achieve harmony in the relationship.

Attempts to change a partner

Ideal people don’t exist – we all have our pros and cons. Attempts to adjust your partner’s personality will have a destructive effect. How can you re-educate an adult person? This is an impossible mission. Personal qualities are formed in early childhood, and it’s impossible to reshape them in the future. Any attempt to do this is equal to violence that leads to rejection.

The only thing you can do, in this case, is to change yourself if you’re striving for perfection.

Lack of personal space

You love each other and plan to be together forever, and it’s wonderful. But don’t forget that you are two completely different people with your own desires and needs. Everyone has the right to some privacy. We all need time to play a video game, watch a movie, or check out the top 10 redhead pornstars. Otherwise, sooner or later, one of you will begin to hate this relationship. This is determined by psychology.

Get rid of the desire to spend every second with your loved one. Fruit often tastes sweeter when it’s forbidden. The less time you spend together, the more you appreciate every minute. Don’t abuse your loved one’s trust – and your relationship will be perfect.


Celebrating special days is something that only humans can do, which is essential for couples. There are not a few dates for couples to bear in mind, such as each other’s birthday, Valentine’s day, anniversaries, and there could be more after marriage. People always like to receive gifts on special days. If you ignore these dates often, it will accumulate disappointment in your partner and even lead to the breaking of your relationship.

However, we may be afraid that the gifts would cost too much or too common to express your love. It’s advised that you can make some custom pins cheap but with high quality, creativity and newness. Care what your lover cares shows how important your love means to you.

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Never yell at each other in public places. This is embarrassing both for your partner and others. No matter how eager you are to sort things out here and now, you should do it only one-on-one. Your partner is your choice. Reproaching and humiliating them publicly, you’re making a fool of yourself first. In addition, even if your loved one did something terrible, you still shouldn’t criticize them in front of other people.

But don’t overdo it even when no one is listening. Quarrels are part of a happy relationship, but under one condition: do not cross the line. Don’t insult each other, don’t put your resentment above the partner, and remember that there’s no conflict that can’t be resolved by compromise.


Someone believes that jealousy is a sign of love, while others think that it’s nothing but selfishness and disrespect. In either case, both partners suffer from jealousy. How to deal with this? Just be honest – don’t give and don’t look for reasons for jealousy.

Love is built on trust, so trust your loved one. They can (and should) have personal space. Respect it. Don’t read their messages and don’t even poke around their profile on a dating site. All this destroys the relationship.

Love is a gift. Try to feel grateful to your partner for their feelings. Don’t forget about things that can destroy harmony. Even when the passion is gone, you still have respect and understanding. Trust, stability, and confidence will always be the basis of a long-lasting union.