After you have realized that this is the one you would want to spend the rest of your life, the next steps become a bit more strategic. You would be deciding on that perfect proposal with a beautiful diamond ring. However, in between these steps is another factor that deserves much-needed attention, the diamond engagement ring setting. 

When you have spent days sculpting the diamond 4Cs, it can be tempting to just go with the most common setting. The diamond is the star, you think. Yes, it is, but a superb ring setting can further enhance the beauty and sparkle of a diamond. It does not just hold the diamond in place but plays a big role in the look and feel of the ring.  Diamond ring settings can overwhelm you, but that is why as the best jewelry store in Alpharetta, we are here to help. Here in this blog post, we have outlined some settings for a little help to determine the exact ring to make your beloved heart sing.

Engagement Ring Settings

Bezel Setting

In the bezel setting the stone is fully secured in the metal, keeping it safe and snug while showing off the beautiful intricacies of the diamond. It highlights the center stone by fitting right to the cut and any stone can be set bezel style. It is a great choice for active individuals looking for a ring that won’t snag and will adequately protect the diamond. Whether you choose a round, pear, cushion, or emerald-cut stone, the bezel setting is timeless and will transcend trend. 

Solitaire Setting

It is a classic ring setting where the diamond is held tightly in place by metal prong/claw. The prong can be rounded, pointed, flat, or V-shaped. Most solitaire rings feature four to six prongs which draw the viewer’s eyes more to the center stone. This mounting style minimizes the amount of metal used, elevating the diamond and allows more light to pass through a diamond, thus adding to its brilliance. 

Halo Setting

Halo ring setting typically includes a larger center stone encircled by small accent stones. The surrounding stones draw attention to the center stone and create the appearance of a larger center stone as well as add the sparkle to the ring. You can buy a small diamond in a halo setting to make it seem bigger than its actual size and save money on carat weight. Halo ring setting is paired with pave bands to maximize flash, however, halo ring setting on a plain band looks great. You can go with a single or double halo setting. 

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Channel Setting

Popular for engagement rings as well as wedding bands, a channel setting sandwiches a row of stones, with no metal separating them. This setting creates a visually appealing channel of small diamonds that provides more glitterto the ring. Channel setting makes the ring more durable and provides a smooth exterior surface, which means it is less likely to get entangled in a piece of clothing. The channel setting enhances the diamond with some additional glamour and style.

Three Stone Setting

As the name implies, the three-stone ring setting has three diamonds where the center diamond is flanked by two smaller stones placed on both sides. The side stones can be either other diamonds or precious stones like sapphires, emeralds, or rubies. The good thing is that the side stones blend with the center diamond well to create a flashier effect. However, the center diamond can appear smaller to the eye than it is but note that the smaller the side stones, the larger the center diamond will seem. 

Tension Setting

A tension ring is a modern setting and the special thing about it is no prongs are used to hold the diamond in place, but the metal band. The diamond seems to be floating in the air. This setting adds an extra dose of security and showcases the diamond beautifully. However, not all diamonds are tension set; round, princess, and emerald cuts are the best choices. 


These are some of the engagement ring settings you can choose. If you need more help or looking for engagement rings, then visit Royal Design Fine Jewelry, the best jewelry store Atlanta has. Their brilliant collection of diamond fine jewelry products are designed with the fine quality certified diamonds to give you the best shopping experience.