Choosing to study abroad is a big decision and isn’t one that should be taken lightly or without having done the proper research, deciding to up your entire life and move to another country just to study can take some serious dedication. Making sure we have made the right decision over what we are going to study and where could cause some serious financial loss if we choose incorrectly so it’s important to be absolutely certain.

If you’re thinking of studying in Australia, here are some reasons why you’ve made the right choice.

The Education System

In Australia, they pride themselves on an outstanding education system that incorporates the latest technologies and innovations. The reputation of many Australian universities is that of academic excellence and 5 of their universities make it into the top 50 in the world, these are the Australian National University, the University of Melbourne, the University of New South Wales, the University of Queensland, and the University of Sydney, so if you’ve found yourself in one of these 5 then you’re well on your way to a world-class degree. But fear not, you will still receive the best education when down under if you aren’t attending one of these 5.

The Living Accommodation

There is plenty to choose from when it comes to living in Australia as a student from houses, to apartments, to student accommodation, and depending on what kind of lifestyle you want to live will depend on which you’ll choose. If you want to live a little more isolated or with just a few people then choosing a self-catering style option will suit you perfectly, having a house or an apartment will allow you to have the freedom of choosing your own space and being able to easily have a part-time job if you choose to. When it comes to student accommodation then finding a place that has everything will be of utmost importance, visit for more information on premium accommodation, not only will you be surrounded by like-minded people that have a common goal but you will also have access to amenities such as a gym, swimming pool, and a game room. With the right accommodation, your time spent abroad will surely be more pleasurable.

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The lifestyle is like no other when you’re in Australia, there’s a real emphasis on having fun and healthy living that will have a positive change to your outlook on life for years to come. Healthy but very tasty food is available everywhere, whether it’s in the supermarket, in the local cafe, or in a restaurant in the evening, and I know what you’re thinking, you’re a student and you don’t always want to eat healthily and that’s ok but most of the time you won’t realize what you’re eating is good for you, and if you do want some real junk food then it is of course available. The gym lifestyle is also one that is very popular down under so you might find out you come back home fitter than ever before with a beach body to match.


This may not seem like a reason to move to another country, but when it comes to Australia it is. Argued as the birthplace of the flat white, Australia leads the global efforts in specialty coffee boasting some of the best baristas, roasters, and coffee shops you can find. Once you’ve had a dose of this glorious liquid you’ll find it hard to revert back to instant. On top of the outstanding quality of product, Australia’s third-wave coffee shops make great places to hang out and study, and realistically what student has managed to get through university without drinking a ridiculous amount of coffee?


Australia nature

Australia has some of the most beautiful landscapes and nature the planet has to offer, so coming here to study will allow you complete access to all of it. Spend the early morning watching the sunrise over the coast or find beautiful walks to take during study breaks, or if it’s what you’re into there are thousands and thousands of miles of desert to take in. The beauty doesn’t stop with the surroundings as the nature living amongst the land is breathtaking, after all, where else are you going to see a wild kangaroo?

So if you’ve chosen Australia as your destination to study then what are you waiting for? Assuming you’ve done all of your research and found out where you want to stay when you are there then get packing. Make sure you’ve applied for your visa before you go, you don’t want to get there to find out you have to come straight home!