The “FBI” releases 164 pages about Brad Pitt’s “abuse” of Angelina Jolie

FBI releases 164 pages about Brad Pitt abuse

Media reported that the FBI issued a 164-page dossier to world actress Angelina Jolie , detailing the problem that occurred between her and her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, on a plane trip in 2016 .

In the details, the FBI finally handed over a set of documents to the actress, after completing the review process.

Jolie has waged a legal battle with the FBI, accusing the agency of refusing to turn over all records about her.

Jolie has accused Pitt of attacking her and their children on a flight from France to Los Angeles. Despite this, no criminal charges were filed against Pitt, which took Jolie completely by surprise, and forced her to file a freedom of information request.

Jolie was unhappy with the quality of the FBI’s investigation of what happened on the plane.

It is noteworthy that Brad Pitt filed a lawsuit last year against Angelina Jolie after selling her share in the joint winery between them without informing him.