The biggest change in the last five years in golf technology has been in the field of golf swing analyzer and shot tracking. A swing analyzer measures ball speed, height of the shot, time of ball flight, and speeds of the clubhead, spin rate, carry distance, and launching angle data categories. It basically measures and improves your swing. To find out the exact distance and execute a plan for each hole a rangefinder or GPS is used. Many companies are using this technology so call them and say My Game Needs This golf swing tracker as a professional golfer and enjoy the services offered by them.

Some of the products work as both a rangefinder as well as a swing analyzer. If golf is your game and you are looking for a new way to improve swing then use the latest hi-tech analyzers. A swing tracker works as your own virtual coach on the course or in the driving range.

Types of Swing Trackers:

  1. Arccos Golf 360 Performance Tracking System: (with arccos caddie): This is a method of bringing data to the golfer. It has 14 small trackers that are screwed into each club and report data to your phone for recording the shots through Bluetooth. It also uses GPS for an overview of course. It can provide a very detailed analysis of every round played shot by shot.
  2. Golf Launch Monitor: For better range sessions this is a compact and launch monitor. It provides accurate and reliable swing data. It’s just the size of a smartphone which is featured with a little cradle that enhances set up on the driving range.
  3. Blast Golf Swing Trainer: It is a decent swing analyzer that works with counterweight putters. It is similar to other golf systems but it is designed to be used while practicing not during a round. To take swing videos it has an option to sync with smartphones. It is used to analyze your swings at the driving range and provides exercises to help you improve your consistency and tempo.
  4.  3d Swing Analyzer: It provides great visuals and information if you can get it to work. It is a cool device that provides 3D visualization of swings with clever senior designed clips attached to the back of your gloves. The sensor provides useful data and graphics that analyze and display your swing in a 360 environment. It is held back by an app. That often loses connection onto the tablet or smartphone and often misses swings.
  5. Radar with Tempo Timer: It is an effective and simple tool to measure progress. It has measurements for accurate swing speed; it can sense the start and finish of swing. It tells you about your swing speed and the time you are putting me.
  6. Record Golf Swing: It is a fancy clip that helps you in recording video of your swing. It doesn’t need a tripod because it’s a small gadget. It can be easily attached to a golf club, a bag, or an alignment stick. You can record your golf swing by just clipping it in place and pressing a record of your phone.

Things to keep in mind before investing in swing trackers:

  1. Usefulness: Before investing in these trackers make sure that you really want to use them over and over again. As these hi-tech gadgets are becoming expensive day by day, purchase them wisely considering their utility.
  2. Bang on Budget: Is Investing money into these products will offer you a good deal? As a budget golfer try to get a product that pays you back a good return. Think about lower priced items that can get you similar results.
  3. Technology: Consider the advanced technology products and evaluate how useful these products are, to make sure that you are on the cutting edge and get the latest trackers with its usefulness.
  4. Durable: Check how durable is the tracker, will it last through the season, or will it remain sturdy till the next season. These items are featured with delicate technology wrapped into small packages so it becomes difficult to store them for a long time. Therefore, check on the durability of these products.
  5. Easy to use: Think about the steep learning curve to use these products. Do you need to spend hours learning just to run it on? If so, then we all want to improve, but because of the limited amount of time, we get frustrated to get the thing to work and hence do not have much use for it.

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There are many types of golf swing trackers available in the market. These products help you get perfect videos at the correct angles using your smartphones. These can be low-cost items to the more expensive ones. So after learning about the various types of trackers, invest wisely because you cannot spend frequently on them. Keep the cost, durability, technology, and usefulness in mind for a better deal.