4 of the Top Must-Play Golf Courses From Around the World

Are you a golfing enthusiast? If so, then there are some amazing golf courses you need to check out due to their great locations and level of challenge. Unlike all other sports golf is a sort of calm game. You are not in any hurry, your focus and a specific posture decides the goal.

Golf is known as the game of royals, as a very few players are required, even a single player can enjoy it all alone.

Keep reading to learn more about popular golf courses from around the world. I hope you may find the beat and closest site for playing golf. Apart from these sites there are many others, but a few which are enlisted here have made records as many professional players rated these among the best plots.

St. Andrews

St. Andrews is known as the birthplace of golf and is located in Scotland with additional courses now located in Ireland and the UK. These locations offer picturesque views and challenging holes that even the most experienced golfer will enjoy. 

When most golfers think of St. Andrews they think of the Old Course. The golfing programs will let you play a round of golf at the Old Course, so you can experience the original course or reminisce if you have played there before. For more information on playing this course, check out the St Andrews te​e times.​ 

If you are traveling in a group there are plenty of other activities for those who might not be wanting to hit the links every day. The area is full of beautiful landscapes for sightseeing, old castles to explore and museums to visit. 

Many people tend to visit this place as a site for exploring the golf and its history. Moreover, numerous people are earning their livelihoods from these places.

Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach is located along the Pacific Ocean in California. This golf course is the most famous public course in the United States. The course was designed by two amateur architects, Jack Neville and Douglas Grant and was built in 1919.

Pebble Beach was one of the first courses to introduce the ocean as not only a challenge but a hazard during play. The course can be slow, with the full round taking close to five hours to complete. Of course, the beautiful landscaping makes the time on the greens well spent. 

If you want to enjoy a cold breeze with the flow of oceanic waters, then this is the best place to visit. You can also witness some old golf groves there, as it is one of the oldest sites for practicing golf.

Cape Kidnappers

Cape Kidnappers was built in 2004 along the coastline of New Zealand. The location gives you spectacular views of the seaside cliffs and a unique ridge-and-valley landscape for a golf course. 

The play at Cape Kidnapper​s can be a welcome challenge for more experienced golfers. There are deep ravines to play alongside or bunkers along with the sheer drops of deep cliffs. Before hitting the links, the course offers a practice range that is world-class as well as chipping and putting greens. 

Royal Melbourne

The Royal Melbourne Golf Club is the oldest and continuously existing club in Australia, founded in 1891. The course was designed and built by architect Alister Mackenzie in 1926 and is the oldest and longest-running in the country. 

Royal Melbourne is the best course in Australia and is known for the placement of the course’s greens and the bunkers that surround them. It’s known for its fast and firm playing conditions and provides a decent challenge for players with all handicaps. 

Learn More About the Most Famous Golf Courses in the World!

These are just a handful of the best golf courses to play in the world. They offer spectacular views and landscapes as well as enough challenges for beginner and advanced players. 

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