Having a professional DevOps team has quickly turned from the big companies’ privilege into a necessity. It does not matter what type of business you have, agile and dynamic DevOps is a must-have. Sibedge company can help you to hire professionals with advanced tools. To understand how it works, you have to learn more about DevOps and the best way to improve your work.

Build the Team

The first step on the way to creating a team of professionals and building the proper DevOps environment is to pick the right structure. You need to have a goal in mind while planning the basic skeleton of the team. Once your business starts blooming, you may want to extend the number of developers. There are six main roles in the team:

  • DevOps Evangelist to advocate the benefits of DevOps, highlighting the value that IT brings to business;
  • Automation Architect to create new strategies of development, designs, new implementations;
  • Release Manager for management and coordination within the project;
  • Software Developer meets the business requirements and tests the code;
  • Security Engineer to coordinate the work inside the team and take care of security;
  • Experience Assurance Professional to monitor new features.

You may not need DevOps Evangelist from the very beginning if you have a small business. Not every role is required on the first level of work. After some time, when you notice that your business is booming, you will be able to extend your team adding each specialist based on the set of required skills. In the first stage, you need to make sure that all team members can build productive collaboration and communication.

Your Goals and Team

The first thing you have to do after you gather the team is to make sure they all understand the goals of your business. Requirements of your business and the main vision of the company must come hand in hand with the goal of the DevOps team. You need to create a corporate philosophy if you still don’t have one before you hire professionals. With time, you can adjust the main goal. Make sure that the DevOps team can catch up with changes too.

Helpful Tools

To help the team to provide advanced services you have to get the right tools for them. The company has to spend some money in order to improve the work of your employees. There are numerous tools on the market, and you have to ask your team what they require for their work. You can extend the number of tools once developers recommend them to you.

Improve the Effectiveness

You can’t just sit down and relax once you create the team and provide all the tools they need. You have to make sure that your team’s work is effective and they are growing with each new project. If they don’t provide expected results, find out the reason. Perhaps, you have to extend the team since there is too much work to do. You can offer your workers free lectures to increase their knowledge and make sure they have enough motivation to work hard.

DevOps Benefits

If you are wondering whether you need to adopt DevOps practice in your work, you can take a look at the examples of success from your competitors. Check out the winning business model and search for the missing elements in your own business. The most obvious reasons to hire a DevOps team:

  • Stability. You receive stable growth of your business with the well-developed team and advanced tools;
  • High performance. The team that is used to work together is faster than the constantly changing freelancers you hire;
  • Security. The full-time workers will highly unlikely mess with the security of your company.

Improve Business Stats

DevOps techniques allow your business to grow. To achieve results, you need to make sure that you have a team of real professionals that can support your ideas and share your goals. This is why it is highly important to know what you are doing while gathering the team of your dream. If you have more suggestions, you can express them in the comments below. Which qualities do you value the most in the DevOps team? What tools do you like to use? Share your thoughts with us.