For your pet dog, the summer season is full of fun because it makes them active. As a pet owner, you can take your dog for long walks and boat rides. The summer season offers fantastic opportunities, but there are some seasonal dangers too. One of the most senior concerns for your dog is heatstroke which is a vulnerable issue.

You can use a portable electric fence for dogs to keep them safe while moving out. In the lower section of this article, you will be going to read about the four key factors which you should avoid because it is the major reason behind heatstroke in pet dogs.

Four key factors to consider

1. Respiratory Problems From Heatstroke

You might not be aware of respiratory problems which are caused because of heatstroke in dogs. It is also called an upper-airway problem that is majorly known as a syndrome. There are some special breeds, such as pugs, boxers, and bulldogs, who easily suffer from heatstroke. These breeds easily suffer from sweat and get exposed to major heatstroke.

2. Acclimation to Drastic Hot Weather

Dogs are unstoppable, and as the day begins, you can acclimate your pet dog to drastic hot weather so that they won’t get collapsed. There are some common signs which are caused because of heat stress.

You need to focus on the overall health of your doctor in terms of keeping them in a cool environment. If your pet dog is going through heatstroke, then there are some common issues from which you can easily find out, such as vomiting and diarrhea.

3.  Do Not Keep Them Outdoor

When your pet dog is playing outdoors, keep them away from direct sunlight because it is the major reason behind heatstroke. In order to avoid heatstroke, you can preserve them in shades and carry a foldable bowl to keep them hydrated. You need complete access to shade to keep the dog cool from harsh ultraviolet rays.

4. Do Not Leave Your Dog In The Car

Never leave your dog inside a car because the basic temperature of 120 degrees gets immediately exceeded. In case you see your pet dog locked in a car, then rescue them instantly without panicking. You can communicate with the animal control department for rescuing your pet dog.

If you keep all these things in mind, then you will be able to avoid the chances of heatstroke by preserving your pet dog.

Symptoms and Warning Signs for Preventing Pets From Heatstroke

There are some common symptoms that a pet owner is unaware of spotting heat strokes in dogs. It is not as easy as it looks because these signs are unpredictable.

Ø  Brachy Behavior of Your Pet Dog

If you are observing the brachy behavior of your puppy, then this might be caused because of heatstroke. Breeds like Shi Tzus, bulldogs, and pugs easily suffer from heatstroke. They contain some soft tissues and cartilage through which they can’t pant in heavy sunlight.

Ø  Dogs Get Hyper

Working-class breeds easily get hyper because of overheating. Their owner should always keep one thing in mind: to preserve their pet dogs from coming in direct contact with sunlight. Monitor everything accurately for giving an excellent response and working from major heatstrokes.

Ø  Dog Gets Pudgy

You need to pay complete attention to your pet dog in case they are gaining some extra pounds. The risk of death will easily be generated because of obesity, and that is caused because of heatstroke. The extra layer on their skin will make them overweight and bulky as a reason, and their insulation level will increase.

Ø  Thick, Long, and Dark Coat

If your dog has a dark, thick, and long coat on its body, then it is because of heatstroke. By monitoring all these things accurately, you have to keep them in a cool place. Generally, dogs get a thick coat on warmer days, which is a cleaner sign of heatstroke.

Ø  Fever

If your dog is suffering from a high fever or there is any change in their body temperature, then it is caused because of heatstroke. You need to purchase a dog thermometer for checking body temperature, which is specially made only for animals.

Ø  Bleeding

If there is bleeding from any part of the body or surface of your dog, then it will become uncontrolled. You need to stop the growth of excessive proteins in the dog’s body because it will become drastic.

Ø  Loud Pooch

If your dog is panting pooch loudly, then there is something wrong with your pet dog. You need to examine the dog’s breathing because it is a very common sign of heat stroke caused in dogs.

Ø  Frequent Drooling

In case you are noticing frequent drooling, then this is because of extra heat. You need to give a check on your backyard as your dog might have swallowed something poisonous.

Lastly, if you notice a slight change in your dog’s behavior or weird act, then it is caused by staggering and disorientation.

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