Instagram IGTV content creators can finally smile on the thought of money-making ads. Instagram app has officially stated the start of ads on IGTV, which is a positive way to support content creators on the platform.  The news is positively embraced by millions of IGTV users who can now make extra cash from the app. IGTV is an Instagram product that helps content makers have long-form videos for up to one hour. The videos don’t disappear after 24 hours, giving users a more open platform to meet followers and viewers.  IGTV allows users to upload videos in full screen and vertical format; it has more appealing features to boost your videos.  User should update their IGTV channel to keep the number of followers and views growing. These numbers show how much influence your videos are to the audience; the number means you have quality and fun videos to watch. However, other users buy igtv views posing as organic views, which they only boost the account to attract additional viewers.  

Introducing Instagram IGTV Ads

For the first time, IGTV account users can make money from the IGTV app. The news was announced along with the release of Instagram shopping from creators. A feature for the feeds and stories on the Instagram channel.  Now IGTV ads come in handy for creators to make earning from the app. Most content makers use social media platforms to promote their talents and careers.  The IGTV ads will show when the user opts to watch IGTV video from the preview button on the feeds section.  These ads are mobile optimized and follow vertical videos’ ITGV setting, which lasts for 15 seconds. 

The ads are from different selected groups and advertisers from the US. The ads aim to expand business globally with social media sites like IGTV promoting the ads. Companies and advertisements are from famous brands like IKEA, Puma, and Sephora, etc. Instagram IGTV’s first advertisement is from popular content creators like Avani Gregg and Salice Rose. The company looks forward to introducing more ads to help monetize the IGTV platform. 

However, Instagram also has plans to improve the IGTV app. They plan to introduce features and tools which can help user or audience skip the ads.  These will help users who might find it irritating to have many ads on the same site. Instagram focuses on uniting creators, users, and advertisers to work together for everyone’s benefit.

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How much will IGTV content creators make from the app?

Monetizing the IGTV app comes in handy for many content makers. They can achieve a reward from their videos, which encourages producing more quality content before IGTV was not fully embraced due to a lack of monetary value. Most creators like to promote and earn from their talents. Some use the platform as a career promotion site.  Other social media platforms pay their content creators, which is a high chance of maintaining creators and users. The company COO Justin Osofsky stated that the shares in the IGTV ads rollout would get a 55 percent share on all advertising on the app. they plan to make features and tools to monetize the site progressively. The features will also cater to other needs besides money.  IGTV intends to invest in creators to offer quality content, which, in return, will gain more viewers. The process will motivate more users to create Instagram IGTV channels and make extra income. It will also attract viewers and followers to increase competition and exclusive videos on the track. The platform is expected to grow fast compared to when it was free.