Microsoft is not just one of the world’s largest technology companies, they are a pioneer in the modern business landscape. Regardless of the operating system your business uses, it’s almost a certainty that Microsoft is the driving force behind the output of you and your business. Few companies could hope for the kind of saturation that Microsoft enjoys in the business tools market, but there is a reason why they are such a forerunner. To better understand the impact of Microsoft on the modern business landscape, it’s helpful to understand exactly what Microsoft products offer.

Full Package

Microsoft is the modern business really is the full package. Unlike other solutions that may require integration or complementary solutions, Microsoft acts as a one-stop-shop for all your business needs. Their premium offering in recent times has to be Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 not only gives a business the full suite of administration tools found in the Office package, but it also includes their leading operating system, Windows 10, as well as mobility and security solutions to help improve overall workflows. This kind of full package option gives businesses the streamlined solution they need to effectively manage work, clients and any additional systems they need to do business. Microsoft has invested heavily in ensuring their solution works for all businesses and helps create genuine efficiencies, changing the landscape of the modern business forever.

Bridging Gaps

Recently Microsoft has shifted from being a systems solution provider to helping businesses improve other key performance areas such as collaboration and communication. Everyone is familiar with Outlook, the flagship email product that connects businesses globally, but Microsoft is aiding communication and collaboration in more ways than one. The Office 365 and Microsoft 365 packages allow businesses to instant message, video share and content share across locations. This complimentary offering has changed the way staff collaborate not only within their organisation but externally as well. Gone are the days of sharing connections via a toneless email, with solutions like video and instant messaging, Microsoft has given businesses a way to instantly communicate and collaborate to solve challenges.

Achieve Anywhere

Microsoft’s connection to the Cloud with Microsoft and Office 365 has changed the way businesses get things done forever. Staff are no longer required to be in the office in order to get their work done. Previously you would be required to have a valid connection to a network drive in order to access files or work. With Microsoft and Office 365, Microsoft has changed the game by making files and work available 24/7 via the Cloud. This online and live access support means employees can work hours that work for them, in a location that doesn’t require a hard line network cable. This kind of flexibility means that businesses can achieve their outcomes anywhere there is an internet connection. Microsoft whether intentionally or not has changed the way we view working hours and locations for the better.

Microsoft is a global household and business name, offering a multitude of solutions for almost any operation or challenge. With a long history and a constant commitment to innovation, Microsoft has impacted the modern business landscape is so many ways and changed the way we do things forever. Their packages offer a one-stop-shop to help manage workflows, connect staff and customers better, as well as offering a new way of working from almost anywhere. Offering these kinds of solution globally, it’s easy to see just how Microsoft has impacted the modern business landscape for the better.