For as monumental of an occasion as weddings can be, there’s something to be said for trying to aim for the least amount of stress possible. Some activities surrounding the wedding ceremony are by their nature more anxiety-inducing than others, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a pattern that you follow through all of the preparatory stages.

So, for less stress surrounding a marriage, what are some of the preparations that you can make? You can determine early the best way to stay on budget. You can choose a destination wedding to take away a lot of the uncertainty. You can make sure that everyone avoids bridezilla behaviors. And, for everyone involved in the wedding planning, make sure there are regular brain breaks to use as emotional windshield wipers.

Staying on a Budget

One of the most significant stresses when it comes to weddings is money. So before anyone gets anxious about it, go over everything ahead of time and figure out how to plan the wedding to stay on a budget. If everyone gets their input in right away, there won’t be any surprises when adjustments have to be made along the way. After your initial budget is out there, you’ll often find yourself going to do three times above it. So, give yourself a reasonable buffer.

Picking a Destination

Having a wedding near your hometown causes specific types of stress. However, if you choose to have a destination wedding, that takes a lot of the variables out of the equation. Destination weddings usually will have a lot of the planning done by a third party, and then everyone who chooses to travel to that location knows precisely what they’re getting into. Newly married couples will often remember destination weddings as being much less stressful because of the organization required ahead of time to pick the location in the first place.

Avoiding Bridezilla Behaviors

We’ve all seen the heavily publicized bridezilla behavior. This is one of the most stressful types of personality explosion that can happen around the wedding. It doesn’t even necessarily have to be the bride that is misbehaving. Family members can get out of control and situations can spiral into gigantic, emotional black holes. Know what these bad behaviors are in advance, and tell everyone to avoid them during wedding planning.

Taking Regular Brain Breaks

It can be easy to get consumed by wedding planning. At that point, it is impossible to recognize the forest for the trees. People put stress on themselves unnecessarily if they don’t take a step back every once in a while and think of the overall picture. The wedding is supposed to be a beautiful event. If there are months of stressful unbroken planning beforehand, it ruins the whole concept.