Memeo Premium Backup Review


Memeo Premium Backup provide similar real time backup and Continuous Data protection in most ways to Genie Timeline , Memo provide automatic easy to use backup software with three steps by choosing what you want to backup, where you want it to be backed up and when and how do you want your filed to be backed up. Memeo Backup give you the ability Recover Lost Files with “Back in Time” features which you will save file versioning and retrieve accidentally deleted file. Also Memeo provide powerful features such as Back up Using SmartPicks .


$49.95 Visit Website

Simply select the file type that you want to back up, such as Photos, Music, or Videos, and Memeo Premium Backup will back them up regardless of their location on your computer. And I like the Back up to Multiple Destinations Simultaneously which allows you to create separate backup plans and choose any combination of destinations that work for you. Back up to external hard drives, another computer on your network, Memeo’s online storage.

I also really liked Memeo easy to use clear interface and accuracy for backup restore function, its well worth to be the perfect backup solutions for your needs

Memeo Premium Backup worth $49.95 with 1 GB Free online Storage and also you can have 30 Days Free trail.


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