Apart from tobacco, obesity can be considered as the leading health condition that has impacted not only individuals but whole nations. Amid this global catastrophe, it is the United States that is suffering the most from this disease, and it is predicted that the number of deaths caused by obesity will soon exceed that of tobacco in the US.

It is an alarming sign indeed, but still, we are hooked up to edibles like junk food, sweets, soft drinks, and artificial juices, which contribute significantly to the weight gain. Not only our food habits, but our whole lifestyle consists of sedentary activities that encourage weight gain and obesity.

Therefore, we have listed here six most common health consequences of obesity so that you feel encouraged to follow some practical tips to lose weight, and you stay away from the hidden dangers of obesity.

1.     Osteoarthritis:

The dramatic increase in weight adds a lot of pressure on the joints of your body, especially the knees and ankles. As a result, cartilage and tissues around your joints get worn out and leave your joints unprotected. It leads to a condition called osteoarthritis, and various studies have reported an evidential link between obesity and osteoarthritis.

2.     Cardiovascular diseases:

Obesity results in the build-up of plaque inside your major arteries that are responsible for taking blood to your heart. As a result, lesser and lesser blood reaches the heart and can lead to potentially fatal conditions like strokes and cardiac arrests. Moreover, obesity is a high-risk factor for high cholesterol and blood pressure, which further can result in various deadly conditions.

3.     Sleep Apnea:

Obesity causes the build-up of fat around your neck and makes the airway narrow, which in turn causes difficulty in breathing during sleep. This condition is called sleep apnea, and it signifies sleep disturbances such that you will find yourself sleepless at night and fatigued during the day.

4.     Type-2 Diabetes:

Diabetes is a condition in which the body is unable to produce enough insulin to deal with the blood sugar, and resultantly blood sugar starts to rise and causes various metabolic problems. Recent studies have confirmed that there is an evidential link between obesity and type-2 diabetes. Therefore, if you are diabetic and obese, it is high time that you start working on losing weight so that both of these conditions can be improved.

5.     Varicose Veins:

Varicose veins signify a condition in which valves of the veins become weak and do not prevent the backflow of blood. As a result, blood starts to pool in the lower part of the legs. Obesity is considered a major risk factor for varicose veins as excessive weight puts immense pressure on the veins resulting in their inflammation and weakening. Although there exist modern techniques like Advanced Vein Therapy to deal with this condition, varicose veins can still cause immense damage.

6.     Fatty liver disease:

The liver processes the fructose in your body and converts it into fat, but the excessive amount of fructose often found in sugary beverages results in the build-up of fat on the liver, causing a condition called fatty liver disease.

In the face of these diseases, it is high time that we start getting a hold on our lifestyle and work towards better health and eventually better Body Mass Index.