Endorsements and testimonials from health and wellness influencers are a highly effective form of marketing. This is because consumers are likely to buy a product endorsed by non-celebrity social icons as they often are experts in their niches.

Top influencers strive to motivate and inspire people to follow their steps, leveraging social media to do so. From functional physicians to obstacle racers to spiritual healers, here are some of the everyday people who’ve worked hard to establish themselves as trusted health and wellness influencers.

Joanne Encarnacion

This tattooed San Francisco-based health and wellness coach speaks openly about the issues affecting our society. Joanne talks about the challenges of marriage and criticizes what people define as health.

The refreshingly honest mom speaks about how being a mother changed her way of thinking and fitness goals. Check her out to learn why you should eat your ice cream, practical wellness challenges, recipes, and thoughts on body diversity.

Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington is a media mogul turned health influencer. She suffered from a severe burnout in 2016, which led to her leaving media giant The Huffington Post.

Following the incident, Arianna created Thrive Global. It’s a media organization dedicated to changing the way people work and think.

The company’s mission is to bring burnout to an end. Arianna is committed to unlocking human potential by educating people about overworking, lack of sleep, stress, among other burnout-related effects.

Jessamyn Stanley

More than six years ago, Jessamyn started taking photos during yoga to document her progress. Initially, she couldn’t help but notice her stomach. However, over time, she discovered how strong she was to execute even the most demanding yoga poses, which made her change her attitude towards her body. 

And yes, she now unapologetically embraces her belly. Stanley has modeled for Lane Bryant’s activewear and has a book, Every Body Yoga. She’s on a mission to positively change the face of yoga.

Michelle Lewin

With more than 13 million followers on Instagram, Michelle is one of the top wellness influencers on the internet. She quit her clinic worker job in Venezuela to become a superstar in the health and wellness industry.

Lewin’s down-to-earth personality makes her one of the most-approachable health and wellness influencers on social media. 

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Chelsea Williams

Want to learn the power of more faith, more prayer, and more risks? Well, Chelsea Williams could be your best bid. The nationally recognized health communication expert and wellness media strategist is on a mission to create content that drives positive behavior change.

Chelsea engages herself in physical activities and practices clean eating—the things she claims to have boosted her energy levels, mood, and mental focus. 

Ulisses Jr.

Ulisses Jr. is an award-winning body composition coach. His victories include World Pro Championships and Musclemania SuperBody Pro. The bodybuilder’s opinions on diet, training protocols, and proper nutrition are recognized industry-wide.

Kayla Itsines

With over 28 million likes on Facebook and 12 million on Instagram, Kayla earns a spot as one of the top health and wellness influencers. She is the founder of the famed Bikini Body Guide (BBG) and the SWEAT app.

At the age of 18, she was already an established fitness trainer in Adelaide, Australia. The humble Kayla credits her fans and her trainees as the source of her inspiration. Kyla offers both workout plans (the 28-minute workout plan) and meal plans.

Erin Christ

The health enthusiast, Erin Christ, is a breakfast-loving dietitian in the making. Avocados, berries, oats, salad bowls and pancakes fill her feed to show fans various healthy breakfast choices.

Her posts are colorful, energetic and the portion sizes are big enough to make you satisfied. Each breakfast post is complemented with an entertaining caption and some blog-type life inspiration. This gets her fans buzzing in the comments.

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Lauren Ash

Lauren Ash is a yoga and meditation teacher. The Chicago-based editor runs a podcast and holistic wellness program for the marginalized communities and inspires people with every post.

Apart from her daily interaction with her followers on Instagram, Lauren also shares uplifting content with her audience as blog posts on her website optimized for health influencers.

Fit Men Cook

Kevin Curry is the man behind this YouTube channel. The channel has over half a million subscribers, whom Kevin shares with his positive perception of a healthy lifestyle.

His message to nutrition lovers is that the human body is built in the kitchen and sculpted in the gym. The food lover encourages people to become health-conscious with his weight loss program. The program is a combination of clean eating and workout routines. 

Amanda Bisk

Amanda Bisk is a former Olympic athlete who hates detox diets and skinny teas. The abs-full athlete is the ideal candidate to remind you that pizza is not food. Her feed is filled with wellness tips, yoga poses, and grueling workouts.

Emilie Hebert

Do sustainability and veganism light you up? If so, then following Emilie on social media could be the right move. She is the founder of Emilie Eats.

The Louisiana native didn’t grow up with lots of extra, and now she encourages people to reduce the excess in whatever part of their life. Her posts capture topics such as toxic relationships and how to minimize the use of plastics.

According to Emilie, wellness is a mix of emotional, financial, mental and physical factors—and she strives to talk about all. As an environmentalist, she also encourages her followers to conserve water and buy second-hand clothes.

These Health and Wellness Influencers Are Changing Lives

The little things you do for yourself can impact how you think, feel and operate. These responsible health and wellness influencers exemplify influence as a force for good.

They have found fun ways of executing accessible approaches into their everyday life and are motivating others to do so. Now, they are a source of inspiration for many.

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