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oops Backup

Oops!Backup from Altaro Inc , Oops! provide an easy to use , automatic and reliable data backup engine with powerful Continuous Data protection and allows you to travel back in time to find and recover changes made to your documents, photos and any other files at any point in time , Silent File Versioning and the ability to search all changed versions of your documents over time; And ReverseDelta™ incremental technology.

$37.95 Visit Website

Oops!Backup will only back up the actual changes you make to a file – without needing to back up the whole file again every time you make a change and Plug & Protect feature which allows you automatically backs up your files to your external drive when you have connect . To get started with Oops!Backup all what you is download and install the software for altaro.com , tell it what files you want to backup and where to backup and then set and forget Oops backup will do the job for you.

Oops!Backup worth $37 and also you can have 30 Days Free trial

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