Back pain is one of the most reported complaint which most people experience in their life. It’s severity and time duration also varies from person to person. Back pain, unfortunately, is neither preventable as spinal columns wear and tear with age and nor avoidable. The good news is, there are multiple back pain treatment options available. We can also take care of our back more effectively by taking the measures discussed below:

The key rule however is, that everyone must adopt a healthy lifestyle.


Exercises are the best medicine.  Perform different exercises with specific exercises like swimming, walking etc, they will restore strength of your abdominal muscles and also give you mental satisfaction.

Lose Weight

Obesity is harmful for back so work on losing weight by healthy diet and exercises.

Cut back Smoking

Tobacco consumption is injurious to spine.  Quit smoking.  Consult your doctor on advise if you find this difficult.

Right Posture

How you stand, sit and life things all have effect on your lower back pain. Work on developing a habit of right posture that helps avoiding back pain.

Guidelines for proper lifting

How to lift properly

  • Don’t rush into lifting. Plan it to avoid taxing your back.
  • The nearer to the object you want to life the less pressure on back.
  • Try and separate feet and shoulder –width apart for solid support base.
  • Tighten your stomach muscles by bending knees and lift with your leg muscles.
  • Avoid lifting objects beyond your capacity.

How to lift light and Heavy Objects

When lifting a light object like paper etc, slightly bend one knee with the other leg extended behind you. Get support by holding a chair or table when getting the object.

If it’s a heavy object like laundry or a big box, get close to the object with knees bended. Avoid bending the waist and lift with your leg muscles. During lifting, stand close to the object and grab it by the handle and stand up straight.

How to Hold and place an Object on a shelf

Maintain your balance by keeping your knees slightly bent. If the object is to be shifted elsewhere, don’t twist your body. Turn in the direction you want to move the object by moving on your toes and keep the object close to you.

When you have to put an object on a shelf, get close to it as much you can by positioning feet wide apart and one before the other for good support. Never lean forward and stretch out arms while holding the object.

Follow the same rule if the shelf is at chest level but in this case, life the object high on your chest with elbows at your side. Now position your hands to push the object up and on the shelf. Make sure to tighten your stomach muscles before lifting.

Support for Back when sitting

When sitting always keep your back in a normal and slightly arched shape for maximum comfort.  Chose a chair that supports lower back and work table is at height that won’t force you to lean forward.

Take breaks from sitting in one position by getting up and with your arms on your back and arch back.