Family feuds, drugs, and the killing of 25 people in Afghanistan…Prince Harry reveals his true face in his memoirs.

Prince Harry reveals his true face in his memoirs
Promotion of Prince Harry's memoirs in a London library (Anadolu)

Yesterday, Prince Harry released several excerpts from his memoirs that reveal gripping details. One of them is a dramatic fight with William and another one includes an account on using cocaine as well as admitting to killing 25 enemy combatants during his tour in Afghanistan.

One month after the documentary about Harry and his wife, Megan, hit Netflix – without even one shocking revelation – the British royal family is now bracing for further disquieting news of their departure from the family in 2020 and relocation to California before Harry’s upcoming memoirs book titled “Spare” (alternative). hits shelves next Tuesday.

Before its scheduled release, various media outlets got their hands on the book after Spanish stores prematurely put it up for sale.

The public was shocked when the release of wholesale excerpts revealed Prince Harry’s involvement in bloody battles during his time in Afghanistan, as well as embarrassing details regarding his prior cocaine use.

Accusations by Prince Harry of physical abuse from his brother, the heir to the throne Prince William, over Meghan Markle surfaced in The Guardian newspaper. Reportedly, a violent altercation occurred between them during 2019 regarding Meghan whom had recently been married to Harry at that time and it was said that William put him on the ground.

The newspaper reported that Harry accused his brother William of a violent outburst in which he allegedly “grabbed me by the collar, tore my necklace, and knocked me to the ground.” After an intense conversation between them both.

Harry recounted how his brother later expressed remorse for his conduct.

Buckingham Palace stayed tight-lipped in regards to the allegations that surfaced during last month’s Netflix documentary series, just as they had done previously.

The couple attributed the royal family for their lack of protection, and Harry additionally claimed his brother bellowed at him in 2020 when Queen Elizabeth II was present.

Nazi clothes

In May 2018, the extraordinary union between 38-year-old Prince Harry and divorced American actress Meghan Markle was thought to be an energizing force for the British royal family. Sadly, yet quickly it spiraled into a familial battle as well as media torment which forced the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to pull away from their position in 2020.

Since then, the couple has spoken out against the British royal family and its media offices, particularly in a 2021 interview they gave on American television. They accused an unnamed member of possessing racist tendencies without naming them directly.

The bond between the brothers became increasingly frosty, and since their mother’s passing in 1997 they rarely appeared together apart from some sparse occasions.

Initially, it was intended to release select passages from Harry’s diaries in two interviews set for Sunday and Monday airing in the UK and US. Unfortunately, this plan backfired as the content made its way out into public domain before planned. To make matters worse, “The Mail Online” reported that Harry had stated his disapproval of Prince Charles’ marriage to Camilla due to her potentiality of being a “bad stepmother”.

As “The Sun” reported, Harry disclosed that his brother William and sister-in-law Kate had prompted him to don a Nazi uniform at the age of twenty during a costume bash – an act that resulted in quite the controversy.

As reported by “Sky News” news channel, Harry admitted to using cocaine in the clip they aired and also noted that he and his brother William had been discouraged from calling for a reexamination of their mother Diana’s death.

In his memoirs, Harry confirms that he eliminated 25 “enemy combatants” during military missions in Afghanistan with no pride or regret. This was reported by the “Daily Telegraph” newspaper.