5 Reasons To Consider Fostering

Reasons To Consider Fostering

Becoming a foster carer could potentially be one of the most important changes in your life. It may seem like that something that is hugely difficult, but it could be both beneficial for your life, career and lifestyle. Many are unaware that it can be seen as a career, as well as something that allows you to work freely from home. Here are five reasons why you should consider becoming a foster carer.


We start the list with the fact that fostering is a career. Many people are simply unaware that it can actually draw a wage, which is increased depending on how many children you’ve fostered in the past. You are provided with full support, so if you’re new to fostering you’ll be guided through the process. For those who are unsure of their next career move, joining a private fostering agency can prove to be hugely beneficial to your career.

2Financial Rewards

With fostering providing you with a career it also provides you with a sustainable and creditable amount of income. You can earn up to thousands of pounds a month by taking care of a child. There are many that are unaware of the foster carer allowance, which allows you to get paid whilst looking after child in the comfort of your own home.

3Long Term Benefits

When you are fostering you are effectively offer a child, or young person a home on a temporary basis, or until they are adopted. The benefit of this is that you’ve offered your trust to these young people and built trust with them and offering them a second chance to succeed. Once you’ve built trust, you’ve shown that they are now able to rely on you, especially as the majority of children arrive at a vulnerable age. You’ll now been seen as someone the confide in and won’t forget what they’ve done for you.

4Stable Home

Once children, or young people arrive from fostering agencies they can often find it difficult to adjust to a new environment. However, once they become adjusted you can see that you’ve provided them with a stable home, allowing them to grow. Foster children need to be incorporated into a stable environment, which will help them build, grow and succeed in life. There are large amounts of children that have fallen victim to abuse, abandonment and even neglect, so a stable environment will push them out of their shell.

5Academic Benefits

Children, or young people can find it difficult to fully concentrate on their education when they are living it difficult conditions. They can often find themselves not wanting to go home, but with a foster agency, children will not be missing out on their education. Once children become adjusted and feel as though they are part of a stable environment, you can see how it benefits them in their education.

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