Sam Asghari talks about slapping Britney Spears

Britney Spears Goes Deeply Depressed

Britney Spears ‘ husband, Sam Asghari, has broken his silence over her reported altercations with NBA star Victor Wembanyama.

On Thursday, the couple were heading out to dinner at ARIA Resort & Casino’s Catch Restaurant in Las Vegas when they spotted Victor, 19, after whom the Toxic singer was allegedly slapped by his bodyguard when she walked over to take a picture with him. While Spears claimed that she tapped him on the shoulder to turn to her and take a picture with him, Victor denied her claim and said that she “grabbed” him from behind.

Between what the two claim, Sam Asghari , 29, took to Instagram to share his own view, writing: “I am against violence in any form, especially without justification to defend yourself or another person who is unable to defend themselves. Defending can be “Self is inevitable, but the defense of any woman, especially my wife, is unquestionable. I consider my reaction to be muted given what has happened, and I hope the man in question learns a lesson and changes his disregard for women. Thank you for the support.”

Britney Spears talks about her slapping incident

Before Sam released his statement, Britney vigorously challenged the claim that she grabbed the player from behind before being slapped across the face by the bouncer.She added on Instagram and Twitter that the force of the blow – allegedly from Damien Smith – “almost knocked her down” and that she hadn’t expected it.

Her comments came just hours after Wimpanyama, who is considered the most valuable player in the NBA, said the alleged attack at a news conference.He appeared to dismiss the pop star’s version of events, arguing that she tried to catch him, forcing his team to deal with her.

Spears said: ‘I simply tapped him on the shoulder. Then his guards slapped me in the face in front of a crowd of people. His slapping almost knocked me down and took my glasses off my face.”

The pop star called the story “too embarrassing to share with the world but it does exist” and claimed her security team never attacked anyone despite decades of harassment by fans, saying, “People overwhelm me all the time. In fact, that night.” “A group of at least 20 fans gathered around me. My security team didn’t beat any of them.”

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