Security alert in Miami ahead of Trump’s “most serious judicial confrontation” The police are on alert, and his  supporters are on the street

On Tuesday, June 13, 2023, the American city of Miami witnessed a state of security alert in anticipation of any chaos that might be triggered by supporters of former US President Donald Trump, before the Federal Court in Miami. To stand trial in the “secret documents” case, in Trump’s “most serious confrontation” with the judiciary, according to Agence France-Presse.

Trump is currently facing dozens of counts related to mishandling government secrets in a Miami court. This is a serious criminal investigation that could impact his campaign to regain the White House. However, the media’s request to broadcast the session in audio and video has been denied by a federal judge.

According to Miami Police Chief Manuel Morales, they are taking this event very seriously due to the potential for things to escalate. They have made preparations to handle crowds that may vary from 5,000 to 50,000 people. However, he also mentioned that they do not anticipate any issues.

For its part, groups of controversial Trump supporters called for a rally in front of the court on Tuesday in support of him, against the case that the overwhelming majority of Republicans consider politicized or politically motivated, according to the latest Ipsos and Reuters poll.

Trump went to court

According to Agence France-Presse, Trump plans to head to the Federal Courthouse in a motorcade, a 25-minute ride from his golf course in Miami. He is expected to plead guilty to 37 charges related to illegally keeping classified documents and obstructing efforts to recover them.

The Republican is a candidate for the upcoming presidential elections, and his loyal supporters began to take to the streets on the eve of the session, and the police are preparing with the expectation of 50,000 demonstrators gathering and the possibility of violence.

As Trump told a conservative Spanish-language radio station after arriving in Miami from his summer home in New Jersey, Monday, “Nothing like this ever happened. There’s never been a witch hunt like this.” He added, “When you look at what they did and the criminal acts and the heinous acts that they committed, and then they come after me.”

The billionaire, who will turn seventy-seven on Wednesday, June 14, is accused of keeping government secrets that he illegally took with him to his home in Florida when his term ends in 2021, refusing to return them, and conspiring to obstruct the work of investigators who were seeking to recover them.

Trump is also accused of revealing sensitive American secrets to people without security clearances, in a case more serious than others he has faced, and could carry decades in prison.


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