Surely you know someone who is doing CrossFit. You may have heard about the WOD that you do every day. While you are perplexed when you hear such things, it is hard to ignore that your friend is losing weight and gaining muscle, and it seems that he has good time training. Before getting interested in this type of training, take note of the 10 tips that we give you today for beginners of CrossFit.

We review the CrossFit

The first thing you should know is really what CrossFit is. It is a training method created by the athlete and coach Greg Glassman. The program was designed to improve the level of body conditioning as well as to emphasize specific sports training programs. With the CrossFit, a person can get a better level of various physical skills.

CrossFit workouts usually last about an hour and involve exercises of flexibility and joint mobility. Olympic lifting, dead weights, sprints, various exercises with our own weight, etc. are some of the ways in which the CrossFit has become one of the four fitness disciplines most practiced in 2018

Tips for beginners

CrossFitTo start in this discipline of training so hard and intense, we must take into account some tips that we will give you below:

Find the right gym

As a beginner, it is important to go to the correct CrossFit gym. That place must be affiliated with the organization called CrossFit. You can visit the official CrossFit website to find the affiliated gyms that are closest to your location. There are more than 10,000 affiliated centers around the world, from the United States to Qatar.

Try it for free

The vast majority of gyms with CrossFit or the so-called Boxes offer the first free class to get more clients in the short term. In the first session, you will meet the instructor/trainer or several who will present the exercises and explain all that it means to do CrossFit to the group of beginners. They could ask you about your clinical and sports history, as well as your goals.

Start with a beginner program

As an amateur you are, it is crucial that you learn the basic movements of the CrossFit, including various types of squats, push-ups, lifts, dead lifts, sumo dead lifts, medical ball lifting, etc. You must learn the technique before adding weight to avoid the possible injuries to the CrossFit.

Focus on training

Many CrossFit experts are introducing different ways of dressing and elements of this discipline. They already master the techniques and others, but you, as a beginner, must focus on learning and improving many aspects. The time will come when you worry about how you should go dressed.

Learn the CrossFit language

Like all discipline in life, the CrossFit also has its own jargon. Words and acronyms that have their meaning for fans of this. We must start by learning the terms used in CrossFit if we want to start at a higher speed. WOD, FS, DL, BS, HSPU, OHS, PC, PP, SDHP or T2B, are some of the most used.

Meet “the girls”

The CrossFit is a discipline that is characterized by calling the great diversity of training by women’s names. You can recognize some of the most practiced as Barbara, Angie or Grace.

Quality before intensity

Being a very novel and harmful discipline, we must focus on learning all the basic movements and perform them as perfectly as possible, before adding intensity and extra weight to each exercise. If we rush, we will increase the chances of injury.

Little by little

Very few people have started in the CrossFit, being able to do all the workouts. When you see the CrossFit training table at the entrance of the box you will notice the weights with which it is recommended to work, and that you are not ready yet. That will be your goal. You can start with some CrossFit exercises to do at home and so you can practice.

Be happy

Something for which the CrossFit is also characterized is to form communities of crossfitters very quickly. An exercise as intense as this one creates bonds among its practitioners. People who are shy will find in the CrossFit a way to start socializing in a gym.

Spend time preparing

Arriving late to class and leaving minutes before the end of training could lead to injury. Your body should be prepared for such training, so we should provide a good warm-up. Therefore, at the end of it will also need a good return to calm, that great unknown.

It is not very difficult to hear someone say that the CrossFit has changed his life. Starting a CrossFit program will give you the opportunity to challenge yourself, make yourself stronger, lose weight, make new friends, have fun each week and increase your self-esteem. But you must start on the right foot, do not forget to ask the questions.

Additional Tips:

Listed below are some essential CrossFit gears that might seem very simple, but these are the core gears needed by the newbie’s in CrossFit.

  • Wrist Wraps
  • Knee Wraps
  • Shoes
  • Foam Roller
  • Jump Rope
  • Rings
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