Home improvements are something that everyone should be looking to add to their home eventually. A home should be an investment as eventually the chances are that you will be selling your home and either upsizing or downsizing. So, adding some home improvements that increase value is a way of increasing the return on your initial investment. Following this guide will show you five different home improvements you can add increase the value if your home.

A new heating system

Your homes heating system is the heart of your home, providing both hot water and heat during the colder months of the year. Making sure that you have a heating system that is both reliable and efficient is vitally important for any home, especially a home that you are looking to sell within the next few years. The most important part of upgrading or getting a boiler replacement is doing research into the different boiler types and brands. To start with you will want to check which boiler type your home currently uses and then look for the same type of boiler to upgrade to. Then looking at different brands such as Worcester Bosch and Vaillant boilers,willgive you an idea of which brands will work best for you and your budget. Adding a new boiler can add as much as 4% to the value of your home!

Add an ensuite

If you have the room in your master bedroom, an ensuite bathroom can really add some value to your home. When adding an ensuite to your home you are wanting to make it as luxury as possible, so adding something like underfloor heating is a great luxury touch that you could possibly add. However, if this is out of your budget range just make sure to stick to a neutral colour scheme and add some nice-looking faucets and heated towel rails. An ensuite could add up to as much as 5% to your home value, which is a great increase in value!

Convert your cellar

A cellar conversion is a great way to add an extra room to your home whether it is an extra bedroom or a downstairs office, an extra room in your cellar will add some value to your home. When converting an existing cellar to a room you often will not need planning permission but that may change if you need to add anything that will change the external appearance of your property. There will be some key changes that will need to be made to make your cellar a living space such as electrics, damp proofing and ventilation.These are some of the key to making sure that your conversion can be classed as a living area by your local authorities building standards. After these first steps, making sure that you carefully plan and design your conversion is key to success.

Converting your basement could add as much as 15% of value to your property, so it is one of the best home improvements that you can add!

Upgrade your garden

Gardens are often overlooked when it comes to home improvements, however, a garden redesign can add some real value to a property. One of the most important features of a garden is privacy, so make sure that you have fences that are not easy to peer over and restrict your neighbour’s view of your garden. If you need to add some larger fences you can have fences that are up to 2 metres high without needing planning permission. Another great area to add is a patio seating area where you can entertain guests and a separate area for a BBQ. This way your garden will be acting like an extra room that you can use during the summertime and warmer months.

If adding these improvements is something that you either do not want to do or it is not within your budget, there are some alternatives. The main one is making sure that your garden looks neat and tidy by cleaning up any dead plants and weeding your borders and patios. Making sure you have a neat and tidy garden and adding some of these improvements could see an increase in your home’s value of anywhere between 5-10%.

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Add a home office

Recently working from home has become a big change that many of us have had to adapt to and it could be here to stay for the future. So, adding a home office to your property could be one of the best improvements to add now. A home office could be added into the cellar conversion that was previously mentioned, however, you could also add a home office into your garden however a garden office is not likely to add as much value to your home as an office inside. Adding a home office could add around 5-8% to the value of your home.

Following this guide will give you an idea of what home improvements you can add to your home and the value that they can add!