An effective and beautiful landing page acts as the bloodline for your website, as it guides visitors on what to perform next. It needs serious time to be created or coordinated.

However, one can’t meet the expense of so much time being invested in landing pages as more aspects of marketing need to be fulfilled.

A landing page builder enables you to develop and optimize attractive and quality landing pages, which can easily enrich your conversion rate. Effective builder involves the best and the most persuasive tools to develop a stunning landing page for your website.

What does a Landing Page Builder Incorporate?

To build an operative landing page, which could easily convert your audience to consumers, an average builder must offer-

  • Proficient and enhanced templates
  • Mobile utilization
  • A/B testing integration
  • Multiple user accounts
  • Live-chat support
  • Cost-efficient
  • Analytics
  • Ability to produce numerous options
  • Option of cost-free trials

What are the Advantages of Using Landing Page Builder?

1. Launch more campaigns without any developers: Many builders offer you the benefit of using the drag-drop option for easy building and optimizing custom landing pages, without the need for coding. With Unbounce Builder, you can create High Converting Landing Page quickly and easily, so Unbounce believes we understand what converts well.  These softwares are built to meet the skills and requirements of any business.

2. Create directed and contextual promotions: Every component of your landing page can be customized following your brand’s outlook. Using features like advanced targeting could easily enhance your conversion rates.

3. Easy integration: Marketers can easily integrate a landing page builder with several applications without parting from the platform, which further elevates your advertising policies.

4. A/B testing: This feature helps in constructing an effective landing page as testing a landing page before its launch is very significant.

5. Build credibility: Having credible and efficient promotion campaigns helps in building up your audience. As landing pages rely on particular tasks and make use of testimonials for representing a product, utilizing a landing page builder is of utmost importance.

To make things easy for you, we have listed the top 5 landing page builders below:

5 Best Landing Page Builders (2020)

1. Instapage


It lets you develop exquisite landing pages without difficulty. This platform is widespread in small and medium-scale businesses as it adapts landing page content to tell a unique story for every demography.

Instapage is the only landing page builder with integral cooperation, instablocks, over 500+ layouts, etc. which in turn, can enable the formation of attractive and high converting pages.

Instapage features:

  • WYSIWYG option
  • Easy to integrate with other applications
  • A/B testing
  • Stress-free campaign management
  • Unique templates
  • Friendly plugins
  • Huge collection of stock images, videos, etc.

Pricing plans:

Instapage comes up with two plans, one is core and another one is custom.

  • Core plan: If paid on monthly basis, then the cost is $199 and if paid on annual basis, then the cost is $149.
  • Custom plan: This plan is set to differ based on the user’s requirements.

2. Unbounce


This builder offers you to drag your options and drop them at suitable space, making it easier to develop and put out landing pages to collect emails and lift your sales without coding.

It is considered a top-notch builder with respect to its alternatives. Its user-friendly approach assists in producing mobile-friendly content which could prompt customers with a swift overview of your website.

Unbounce features:

  • Sticky bars
  • Popups
  • Integrate with applications
  • Attractive templates
  • A/B testing
  • Drag-drop option


Unbounce offers conversion-based pricing plans which work best based on your website.

Monthly plan

  • Takeoff: 80 dollars per month. You operate a small-scale enterprise and you have just begun.
  • Enhance: 120 dollars per month. You are all fired up to utilize your website and boost conversion
  • Fast-track: 200 dollars per month. Your business is performing nicely; all it needs is just a push.
  • Scale: 300 dollars per month. Your company is ascending amazingly; all it requires is just a little traffic.

Annual plan: One can avail of 10% off via this pricing.

  • Takeoff: 72 dollars per month. 
  • Enhance: 108 dollars per month
  • Fast-track: 180 dollars per month
  • Scale: 270 dollars per month

3. Leadpages


Leadpages offers the ability to create a remarkable landing page easily as it incorporates a drag and drop option and allows you to customize all of the colors, fonts, etc., and make a page in respect of your business.

It helps in creating page software that provides dynamic tools which could be utilized to generate leads for your website.


  • Unique designs & templates
  • Lead notification and routing
  • Integrations
  • Digital file hosting and delivery
  • Provides publishing facility
  • A/B testing

Pricing: Leadpages offers attractive subscription options, each suited best to your needs.  

Monthly subscription

  • Regular: 37 dollars /month
  • Professional: 79 dollars /month
  • Cutting-edge: 321 dollars /month

Annual subscription: By signing up for this plan, one can save extra costs.

  • Regular: 27 dollars /month (120 dollars reduction per year)
  • Professional: 59 dollars /month (240 dollars reduction per year)
  • Cutting-edge: 239 dollars /month (984 dollars reduction per year)

4. Hubspot


With Hubspot, one can develop a beautiful landing page that generates leads without the need for any professional skills. It comprises a slew of templates that assist in constructing influential marketing campaigns and enhancing your business.

The final result is quite accessible and can be previewed to check the outlook of your page on various digital devices. Moreover, it can be extra valuable if it is coupled with Hubspot’s free CRM.


  • Attractive templates
  • Easy to add videos, etc.
  • Quality tools for content creation
  • Lead management
  • Analytics
  • Salesforce integration

Price plans: Free of cost.

5. Mailchimp


It helps to create those landing pages which incorporate the ability to be published, go live on the web, have an exceptional URL, and can be utilized for quality campaigns. All this could further raise the number of visitors and enhance conversions.

With Mailchimp, all it takes is just a few moments to construct attractive landing pages and use them to influence your audience for a competent business-customer engagement.


  • Routinely tag contacts
  • Custom domain
  • Issue boundless landing pages cost-free
  • Easy access to content studio
  • Mobile integration

Pricing: Free of cost.


A landing page is a valuable medium for driving audience, boosting SEO, and enriching your company’s image. It leads customers towards a definite item and influences them to purchase. Thus, availing of a great builder helps in developing striking and interactive landing pages to fulfill the above motives easily.