When it comes to buying property abroad Spain has always ranked high. And it isn’t just because of that beautiful sunshine. Spain has so much to offer it appeals to both the casual property buyer and the investor.

But what is it that makes Spain so alluring? Here are the top 5 reasons why people buy property in Spain.


Let’s face it. Most people, especially us Brits, love a bit of sunshine. It makes us feel good and is good for our health. We just don’t get enough of it. Spain is the perfect answer to that.

According to statistics website Statista the UK ‘has some of Europe’s gloomiest cities’ with Birmingham, London, and Manchester averaging ‘around 1,400 hours of sunshine a year’. Scotland averages even less with ‘1,203 hours of sunshine’ making it ‘the cloudiest city in Europe with a population of more than one million’.

Of course this doesn’t take into account the amount of rain we get either. And we know how bad that can be.

Spain, on the other hand, can have almost 3,000 hours (Huelva 2998 hours) of sunshine a year as well as having less overall rainfall. A win on both fronts.


In 2019 Spain claimed the top spot in Bloomberg’s Healthiest Country Index. The UK placed a paltry 19th position. That speaks volumes.

The reasons Spain could claim that title are mostly due to the climate and Mediterranean diet. The health benefits of sunshine, of which we know is has plenty, and a diet of fresh fish, fruit, vegetables and nuts, has been well proven by now.

The healthy lifestyle and climate means that anyone born in Spain can hopefully look forward to a long life as it has the EU’s longest life expectancy.

Good Investment

Compared to the UK in general you get a lot more value for your money when buying a property in Spain. On top of this the cost of living is slightly lower also. Both important factors when making a good investment.

A property in Spain will always be desirable as there seems to be no end of people prepared to make the move abroad to enjoy a much better quality of life. And there are plenty of properties to choose from. We spoke to Miguel Garcia of Valuvillas, an estate agency on the Costa Blanca and he said demand was at a all time high.

Because of this if you ever decided to sell your Spanish property, hard to believe I know, you should end up getting a nice, worthwhile, price for it.

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The Ex-Pats

The beauty of Spain being one of our top spots for ex-pats and holidaymakers is that it already has a thriving ex-pat community. Almost 300,000 UK residents have chosen Spain as their new home destination making it the most popular destination in Europe for ex-pats.

These are people who you can easily understand, especially if you can’t speak Spanish, and who have lived the life you are embarking on.

They are a great resource for knowledge and friendship. They can point you in the right direction when it comes to the practicalities of living in Spain. From any required legal necessities to the simple things like where is good to eat.


Ultimately, the lifestyle in Spain is a great reason for buying property there. The combination of great weather, great food and great people, creates a warm welcoming atmosphere. The Spanish are known to be a family-friendly, fun-loving people who know how to live. There’s a reason so many ex-pats have went there and decided never to come back

Spanish life is about living right. Its about enjoying your life and getting the best out of it. And who doesn’t want that?