From earthy colours to eclectic clutter, a lot of 2018 trends are on their way out this year. Let Imagine Interiors, a top Bangladeshi interior design company, keep you up to date

Interior design styles change all the time. Whether it’s interior design in Bangladesh or interior design in the USA, design and decor styles are constantly evolving.

And, it’s pretty much impossible to keep tabs on every trending trend all the time. Imagine Interiors does try to keep up to date on design trends in all kinds of interior design like when we discussed office interior design trends but it’s still a pretty difficult task to keep track of everything.

What we can do, however, is keep ourselves updated on major changes in interior design trends that appear every year.

It is now July, just past the half-year mark. It’s the best time possible to take stock and get updated on 2019 interior design trends.

1. Colour

It’s official: Earthy shades are last year. So are millennial hues.

2019 is the year of deep, luxury shades, stressing comfort and peace of mind (perhaps as a reaction to all the turmoil occurring across the world?).

Yellow in particular seems to be making a very strong appearance, with variances of gold, mustard and apricot.

A colour type – chalky, dirty or tending towards worn-out – is making a comeback too.

Think how a badly made colourful shirt would fade out if washed vigorously. That’s the idea.

And where are all these shades being splashed?

Everywhere – from the chairs in your living room to the cushions in your bedroom.

2. Sustainability

Whatever you make should be sustainable. The interior design should be such that it holds good through environmental stress.

This is a particularly important trend (and a useful one) as far as interior design in Bangladesh is concerned due to the heat, glaring sunlight and high rainfall.

But that’s not all.

Another element of sustainable design is to source materials from sustainable sources, and to minimize the ecological footprint of the house you create.

From using sustainable materials like bamboo to sourcing whatever wood you need from sustainable sources (like tree farms instead of from natural forests) – it all falls under the new trend of sustainable interior design.

You can even try to make arrangements for solar power. In case you are unaware of it, solar panels can be designed attractively and harnessing solar power has become a part of interior design.

This is also very relevant to interior design in Bangladesh due to the strong sunlight Bangladesh receives, being located so close to the Equator.

3. Go Green

Sustainable design brings us neatly to the next interior design trend and that is green design.

Get a few plants to adorn the house you’re designing.

If possible, invest in a living wall – a wall with plants growing on it – a small one that can fit inside your living room or conference room (depending on whether you’re doing commercial interior design or residential interior design).

Plants create a soothing atmosphere, reduce the temperature and in general make a room come alive.

4. Cut down on clutter

Eclectic clutter – whether as a smattering of colours on the wall or a hotch-potch of furniture pieces you love around the room – was in last year.

This year it’s going, gone, gone…

The trend in interior design this year focuses on functionality. While it certainly is good to have some disorganization – very tightly organized homes lack a homely touch – the focus is on maintaining efficiency and utility so you can get stuff done and move around your home without tripping over anything.

If you’ve gone for the motley of art pieces and wall hangings, there’s an easy remedy if you’ve already doubled down on clutter.

Unlike earthy colours which are out of trend this year but you can’t just make vanish, as far as clutter is concerned, just look around your room, note what’s out of place and move them into cupboards.

If you’ve gone for the smattering of colours, though, you need to repaint.

5. No more gendering

Perhaps in line with social trends, the line between ‘macho’ rooms that are mostly used by men and ‘soft/feminine/fresh’ rooms used by women is disappearing.

The overwhelming focus is on comfort and on personal tastes; however if it’s a home, there is a slight touch of feminine delicacy to stress the fact that it is a home where people live and memories are made.

To sum up, the top 5 interior design trends of 2019 are

  • Yellow colours and chalky, dirty or tending towards worn-out shades
  • Sustainable and eco-friendly interior design
  • Green design
  • Reduced clutter
  • De-gendered interior design

Due to the high rainfall and strong sunlight Bangladesh receives, sustainable and eco-friendly principles are especially relevant for interior design in Bangladesh.

And those are the top 5 interior design trends in 2019.