10 Proven Ways To Run Business Site For Less Than $80 With Code-Free WordPress Themes

In 2019, owning a professional business website is even more than a must-have. Today, people got used to comfort. Long crowds are not in vogue anymore and your prospects prefer to search for the needed items online. Thus, your would-be-customers are already expecting you to have a cool site.

As the name of the post promises, today, I’ll show you 10 proven ways to build an ace business site. You can do it without coding thanks to the modern WordPress business themes. Still not sure whether you need a website? Before we get started, check out the online shopping statistics below!

According to the research, only in 2018, we can see the next results:

  • media and landing pages improved conversion rate optimization by as much as 86%,
  • only 52% of today’s companies use landing pages for all services when other 48% prefer to build new projects for each new campaign,
  • companies and startups who have over 40 landing pages generate 12x more leads than those companies who have only 1-5 pages,
  • mobile sales made over 63% of total eCommerce sales in 2018.

Now, let’s move to my detailed review!

10 Business WordPress Themes

Monstroid 2$75WYSIWYG, lightweight and multipurpose design, SEO-ready
BeClinic$7510 ready-made demos, code-free visual editing, responsive design
Nobby$75Retina-ready, handy Header Builder, Advanced MegaMenu
Adverom$75mobile-first design, clean and SEO-ready code, drag-and-drop editing,
JohnnyGo$7520 ready-to-use demos, 6 blog layouts, readable fonts, WooCommerce pages
AZhomes$72customer-friendly design, crossbrowser compatibility, quick install, social media integration
Proman$75Elementor Page Builder, 100% creator-friendly design, over 500 ready-made design element
Wormind$75hamburger panel, nav menu, JetThemeCore, JetTricks, JetMenu, TM Timeline
Machiter$75JetPlugins pack, Parallax effect, sticky menu, animations
Globy$75countdown timer, carousels, testimonials, maps

Monstroid 2 – Multipurpose Modular Elementor WordPress Theme

62222 big

When it comes to online business, it’s impossible to skip this multipurpose WordPress flagship. As you may know, Monstroid 2 is a best-selling product which is super popular among WP users. The theme just got another huge update which means now it’s even more creator-friendly. To make a long story short, Monstroid 2 became a bestseller thanks to its:

  • handy design,
  • powerful admin panel,
  • intuitive technology,
  • extra comfy navigation,
  • and real WYSIWYG website building experience.

So, by choosing Monstroid 2 for your future website, you can be sure that the theme fits any needs. You can view out all the options in the theme’s live demo. By the way, Monstroid 2 is lightweight. It weighs less than 250 kb which brings you a really smooth performance.

BeClinic – Multipurpose Medical WordPress Theme

58654 bigDetailsDemo

In case you are going to launch a site related to medical services, BeClinic is your must-see! Before everything else, let’s see which demos you will get with the theme. Here are the sets of ready-to-use pages. They were pre-designed by the team of pros and already contain all the needed features. So, here are the ready-made demos you can see in the pack of BeClinic:

  • Clinic,
  • Cosmetology,
  • Kids Clinic,
  • Psychology Clinic,
  • Plastic Surgery,
  • Dentist Clinic,
  • Family medicine,
  • Medical Cosmetics,
  • Medical Services.

Although you will get everything pre-made, you can change any detail. These layouts, as well as all the options and UI components, are fully customizable. You can style them up to your business needs or personal preferences. No coding skills or any other special knowledge required!

Nobby – Premium Multipurpose Elementor WordPress Theme

79223 bigDetailsDemo

To make a long story short, Nobby is another multipurpose WordPress theme which is 100% worthy of your attention. It’s fully responsive, Retina-ready, and SEO-friendly. Besides, Nobby meets all recent requirements, so let’s see which features you can get with it.

There’s a handy Header Builder which allows you to customize headers without coding. You can do it thanks to the newest drag-and-drop functionality and in a live mode. To say more, you will also get all the must-have header elements like:

  • logo,
  • menu,
  • search,
  • login,
  • icon content,
  • hamburger menu,
  • socials,
  • map,
  • cart,
  • contact,
  • form,
  • button,
  • text,
  • languages,
  • weather,
  • icon menu,
  • wishlist,
  • profile,
  • date,
  • advertisement, etc.

Besides, you will get:

  • Visual Footer Builder,
  • Advanced MegaMenu,
  • WooCommerce pages for a shop, and much more!

Adverom – PR Company Multipurpose Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

79222 bigDetailsDemo

For starters, this multipurpose business WordPress theme provides you with such basic pages as:

  • Home Page,
  • About,
  • Services,
  • Our Team,
  • Blog,
  • Contact Us, etc.

When it comes to the pre-packed features of Adverom, I should highlight the mobile-first design. As you can see, in 2019, there are more and more people who prefer small-screened devices to desktop ones. All in all, shopping via mobiles is simple and comfortable. Plus, you can literally do it wherever you are and whenever you want. That’s why your online project requires a professional mobile version.

Obviously, Adverom is a highly responsive theme which means it will fit any screen. However, the product comes with another premium feature I’ve mentioned. So, what is mobile-first design? In a word, this is a smart mechanism that starts building your site with the mobile version. Thanks to the function, you will get first prospects when your desktop website is still in progress.

JohnnyGo – Multipurpose Home Services WordPress theme Handyman

62555 bigDetailsDemo

By tradition, let’s strt with the outstanding demos JohnnyGo contains in its pack. You will find there such sets of ready-made pages as:

  • Main Demo,
  • 2 demos for Air Conditioner shop,
  • Connection,
  • Dry Cleaning,
  • 2 Electronics Shop demos,
  • Garbage Removal,
  • Handyman,
  • Landscape,
  • Moving,
  • Painter,
  • Pest Control,
  • Plumber,
  • 2 Roofing demos,
  • Welding, (also 2 demos)
  • Window Cleaning,
  • Window Installation, (2 demos)
  • 2 styles for Cleaning, and more!

As you can see, you can run so many different business sites with a single theme!

On the other hand, JohnnyGo has everything and anything for you to launch a winning blog. There are 6 gorgeous blog layouts in the pack of JohnnyGo:

  • Classic,
  • Grid,
  • Justify,
  • Masonry,
  • Modern,
  • Single Post, etc.

In addition, you will also have some WooCommerce pages like:

  • Collection page,
  • Single Product page.

AZhomes – Local Home Builders WordPress Theme

78579 bigDetailsDemo

At the outset, AZhomes is a brilliant choice in case you are going to manage a business website related to:

  • home building,
  • home builders construction,
  • finishing company,
  • real estate agencies, (both big and small)
  • consultancy, and much more!

Secondly, AZhomes comes with a trendy MegaMenu plugin. By using the feature, you can create any type of menu. Actually, you can style the menu of any complicity! It’s simple to divide your content into categories and subcategories now! With it, you make the website design even more customer-friendly.

Thirdly, these days, social media still matters and matters a lot. Don’t hesitate to integrate your business site with all the popular social networks. It will bring you more social traffic and it will make your company-customer relations more trustworthy. For these simple reasons, AZhomes has Social Integration feature in its pack.

Proman – Business Multipurpose Modern Elementor WordPress Theme

77788 bigDetailsDemo

Proman is a hip WordPress theme which was designed for business consulting services. The theme is very easy in customization thanks to a built-in page builder. With the help of Elementor, you can change any detail you want to change. And it will be as easy as falling off a log. So how to work with Elementor and why this builder is so popular?

To begin with, Elementor works on drag-and-drop technology. The feature allows you to perform any changes and do it without touching a single code line! All you’ll need to do is to drag the chosen element and drop it to the editor window.

Besides, Elementor provides you with:

  • 100% creator-friendly design,
  • over 500 ready-made design elements,
  • trendy options,
  • regular updates,
  • and live mode.

Wormind – Business Multipurpose Classic Elementor WordPress Theme

78403 bigDetailsDemo

As you can see, Wormind is another outstanding business WordPress theme with a multipurpose design. The theme comes with a premium JetPlugins package. Let’s take a closer look at a couple of these trendy addons.

Let’s start with JetBlocks. It’s a cool WP plugin which allows you to customize the online project easily. Gently speaking, JetBlocks is your real must-have if you take care of the way your headers and footers look. And here are a few options you will get with the plugin:

  • website logo,
  • login form, auth links, and registration form,
  • hamburger panel, nav menu,
  • shopping cart, etc.

The full list includes such plugins as:

  • JetElements,
  • JetThemeCore,
  • JetTricks,
  • JetMenu,
  • TM Timeline, etc.

Machiter – Logistics Multipurpose Classic Elementor WordPress Theme

78068 bigDetailsDemo

Like the previous WordPress product, Machiter comes with premium plugins on board. Among them, you will see JetTricks addon. What is JetTricks and why do you need it for your business site? Let’s see!

To put it briefly, JetTricks is a well-known Elementor addon. The plugin was added to the pack to empower your site with different visual effects. Needless to say, by adding some trendy features to the website, you will catch shopper’s attention. That’s how you can grab new clients and attract them to the services you provide.

Here are some of the main options JetTricks has:

  • adorable Parallax effect for your content,
  • the possibility to make any element stick and improve site navigation,
  • stylish unfolding columns,
  • animated ‘show more’ break,
  • groundbreaking hotspots at hand, etc.

Your Business WordPress Theme

51253 bigDetailsDemo

Needless to say, as all the worthy WP themes, Glody also contains JetPlugins in its pack. So what else you can get with it? Now, it’s time to look at the most popular JetPlugins addon – JetElements.

I guess JetElements it might be the most useful WordPress addon. Just look at its features! Here are only some of the elements the addon has for your website:

  • Advanced Carousel,
  • Brands,
  • Circle Progress,
  • Pricing Tables,
  • Post Carousel and Post Slider,
  • Countdown Timer,
  • Banners,
  • Animated Boxes,
  • Recent Products,
  • Contact Form,
  • Featured Products,
  • Sale Products and Best Sellers,
  • Top-Rated Products,
  • Progress Bars,
  • Parallax scrolling,
  • Testimonials, etc.

What is more, the addon has regular updates. They will be installed automatically.

In Summary

For today, these were all the stunning WordPress themes for business I wanted to review. As you can see, in 2019, you can run a magnificent company website without overrunning your budget. Just choose your ready-to-use theme and get everything absolutely ready-made.

To sum everything up, all the shown WP themes come with:

  • clean and customer-oriented design,
  • comfy navigation,
  • 100% responsive, mobile-ready, and crossbrowser compatible design,
  • multiple eye-friendly texts,
  • premium plugins,
  • valid, semantic, and SEO-friendly code,
  • regular updates,
  • Social Integration,
  • free 24/7 customer support,
  • impressing drag-and-drop functionality,
  • numerous pre-designed features,
  • lots of must-have UI components and much more!

Besides, all the WordPress themes I selected are very simple is use, installation, and customization. So, in case you are still searching for a way to manage the site of your dream… Well, you know what to do!


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