What are the Common Faults in Using Hand Tools?

Hand tools play a huge role when it comes to DIY and in industries like constriction, but it is important to be aware that they can be dangerous and faults can lead to very serious injuries if you are not careful even with basic hand tools. This is why it is helpful to learn about the main faults involved with hand tools and how they can be avoided.

Tools in Poor Condition

One of the most common reasons that faults occur when using hand tools is that they are in poor condition. Although these tools are hardwearing, they must be maintained and looked after to keep them in the best possible condition in the long-term. This means cleaning them frequently and keeping them stored somewhere cool, dry and safe.

Lack of Protection & Safety

Faults often occur when people do not use the proper protection and safety. Tools can be dangerous to use without the right protection and safety, so even if you have plenty of experience in using the tool then you should always make safety a priority.

Misused Tools

One of the most common causes of accidents, injuries and tool damage is misusing the tool. Every tool is designed to be used in a certain way and tool misuse will lead to accidents, such as using a tool as a hammer when it was not designed for this. Additionally, certain tasks with hand tools can be physically demanding, such as using a screwdriver, which can easily lead to injury.

So, how can you go about reducing the risks when using hand tools?

Checking the Tools

First, you should always check a tool before using it, especially if it has not been used for a long-time. Inspect it for damage and make sure that it is working as it should before getting started to prevent issues from arising.


PPE should always be used when using hand tools even if you have experience in using the tool. Items like gloves, goggles and earplugs can provide vital protection and could stop a serious accident from occurring. 

Use Power Tools

Power tools can also be safer to use than non-power tools as you do not have to exert as much energy, plus they can make work much quicker and easier. Tradespeople can also benefit from power tool security software in order to keep track of all their software.

Hand tools are vital for DIY and construction, but even tools that are easy to use pose certain risks and it is important to be aware of these. There are ways to reduce this risk which will hopefully prevent any accidents from occurring, keep the tool in the best possible condition and allow you to carry out your work with confidence.


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