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What is online meeting software?


Online meetings, also sometimes referred to as virtual meetings, have become a key element in modern workplaces. Ever since the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic, the need for online meetings have also become more prevalent within business operation units of different kinds and sizes.

In modern times, with more and more major multinational corporations and other businesses shifting to hybrid workplaces, the need and use of online meetings has grown in an explosive manner. With a major or considerable percentage of the workforce working remotely, virtual meetings are an integral part of business operations and workflow in modern times.

What Actually Is An Online Meeting Software?

If you search the Internet for the best meeting software available, you are likely to come across thousands of such products. For people who do not have any experience of dealing with online meeting platforms, the next part of this blog is just what you need to read. It will tell you all about online meeting software and everything else you need to know to choose one.

Online Meetings: What Are They?

To begin with, it is important to define the term web conferencing. The term is basically an umbrella term that is used for different kinds of online conferencing and other similar collaborative services which include  virtual or online meetings, webinars, and webcasts. Now, coming to the more specific term “online meeting,” it can be defined as an act of hosting and participating in interactive video conferences and meetings over the internet.

Online Meeting Software: What To Know?

To enable an online meeting, you would need a dedicated platform. This is where you will need an online meeting software. An online meeting software is essentially a platform that enables you to schedule, host and participate in a virtual meeting. Such software usually offers you the option to participate or host an online meeting with the help of an app, web browser, or even a dial-in conference.

An online meeting software usually makes use of an underlying VoIP system that helps connect the participants of a meeting on a single platform.

Key Features of Online Meeting Software

Let us now take a look at the key features of any good online meeting software.

  • Web and video conferencing facility
  • Scheduling feature (instant and time-specific)
  • Easy-to-join meetings (one-click meetings)
  • HD audio and video support
  • Tools like file sharing, screen record and screen sharing (in-meeting)
  • Desktop and mobile support
  • Instant messaging in meetings
  • Calendar integration

Key Benefits Of Using Online Meeting Software

Firms of all sizes and kinds are using online meeting software for the huge range of benefits they offer. Let us take a look at the key perks such platforms offer:

  • Better communication and collaboration within teams and between different teams.
  • Helps save time and resources which would be otherwise spent on traveling to conduct such meetings.
  • Employee retention through more convenient facilities to communicate.

Ending Note

In today’s time, using an online meeting software is absolutely essential and can help any business organization significantly boost its operational efficiency and productivity.

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