No property can claim to be clean for years without getting major clean-ups. Whether it is a residential property or a commercial one, it always needs some extra cleaning efforts after a few months. This thought brings in the need to look into the ductwork that is, most of the times, overlooked or ignored for cleaning. Quite a few people realize that this part of the property needs additional cleaning services because of the accumulation of millions of particles and contaminants that are not always visible.

Since the system gets dirtier over time, it’s necessary to look for professional air duct cleaning services before it’s too late. Since nobody wants to see negative effects on his/her health, it’s crucial to come up with a trusted and reliable service provider who is efficient enough to take away all allergens, particles and contaminants, thereby making the environment healthier and comfortable for everyone.

Precisely, the two major concerns or factors behind calling for cleaning services are:

  • Health concerns: Dirty ducts are always a hazard on human health. Not only do they make people suffer from various health conditions like illness, allergies or asthma but also decrease the performance and life of the duct system. It is more likely for people to suffer from unexplained coughing, nausea, headaches, sneezing or other illnesses.
  • Unit Inefficiency: Dirty ducts can also reduce the efficiency of other electronic items in their contact, particularly air conditioners. Since the ductwork is crowded with contaminants and particles, it wouldn’t allow the HVAC system to cool or heat properly because there would be lesser space for air to travel across them. Also, unwanted particles can enter the sensitive parts of the machinery and cause clogs, blockage and early breakdown. Other factors that have a significant impact on the condition of air ducts are improper installation, prolonged exposure to contaminants or moisture and daily wear and tear.

With that being said, residential and commercial property owners are required to keep an eye on the performance of their ductwork and take appropriate measures in order to keep the interiors safe, healthy and protected.

Air Duct Cleaning Services

Contaminants to Watch Out for:

Since there are a number of contaminants out there, it’s necessary to know about a few common ones in order to find appropriate solutions at the right time:

  • Mold: Mold is one of the common yet dangerous air duct contaminants that has hazardous effects on the human health. They usually grow in the air ducts when they are exposed to moisture for a long time. They attack the HVAC system because it circulates and spreads the air. So, it needs immediate attention and appropriate measures or else, it might cause serious allergic reactions or toxic poisoning. Here, a worth mentioning fact is that molds are not always visible and therefore, have to be detected by strange odors or health troubles experienced by people. So, if someone detects growth of mold, it’s recommended to immediately call an air duct cleaning Houston company before the situation gets worse.
  • Dust: If a person is suffering from allergies or asthma in the home, then it means that the air ducts are full of dirt and there is no other way but to get them cleaned as soon as possible. There is no proven method to avoid dust from entering the duct system because it is present in the air and therefore, reduces its healthy features.
  • Dirt: Like moisture, dirt is another hazardous element for the human health. If the air ducts start to wear and tear, then it means that they have been attacked by dirt contaminants because the owners didn’t pay attention in the beginning and never covered them in the way they have to be. Proper installation and regular inspections are the only way to prevent these contaminants from affecting air quality in the property.
  • Pet dander: While they are not so harmful, pet dander is still one of the common and biggest contaminants to cause indoor allergies. Having pet in the home would clog the HVAC system with dander and hair, thereby causing discomfort among people and affecting air quality.
  • Vermin: Rodents or insects can make their homes in the duct system. They create blockage and spread allergens/germs from dead pests and droppings. So, in case of any sound or movement in the duct work, hire the air duct cleaning services.

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Upon getting to know the reason of low air quality and health issues with people, it would be quite easy to ask for duct cleaning.

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