Need to hire additional staff in your accounting or finance department? This can be tricky if you don’t know how to go about it. Instead of trying to understand the ins and outs of HR, let the professionals do it! This is where accounting recruitment agencies can help you.

Perhaps you’re looking for an accountant, someone to manage your payroll, analyse your business or direct your company’s finances. Accounting recruitment agencies can help you find the best possible talent in the shortest period of time. Here are five reasons why your business needs an accounting recruitment agency to streamline the entire process.

1. Business Brand Growth

A carefully selected accounting recruitment agency will give your prospective employees a real feel and idea of your company. You need an accounting recruitment agency who not only strives to find employees but who is committed to your business brand and growth. They’ll paint the picture of what working for your company on a daily basis actually looks like.

Accounting recruitment agencies should have a solid understanding of how your business functions, your office culture, environment and what your staff are like. In addition, they could even explain to potential candidates the future benefits of joining a company such as yours, and the potential for career growth. 

Working closely with accounting recruitment agencies allows them to get to know you and your colleagues. You can trust them to represent your company and encourage & motivate the best candidates to join your team.

2. Far-Reaching Access

Finding the perfect employee is tough. While it’s not impossible, if the advertising and hiring process was left completely up to you, you might unknowingly be missing out on an entire talent pool. Accounting recruitment agencies have more skills, time and resources than you to connect with the best.

They’re likely to already be connected within your field on industry. With their far-reaching access, they can tap into just the right network your business needs to find the top candidates.

Accounting recruitment agencies can target even the prospective candidates who aren’t actively searching for a job, or who are looking for new career prospects confidentially. In this way they’ll find the perfect person for the position that you never would have found by yourself.

3. Efficient Service

It takes time to advertise a post, conduct interviews and make a final decision. These are hours you may not be able to afford to lose. Accounting recruitment agencies help you save time by stepping in and doing a lot of the administrative work for you.

Leave the initial stages of the recruitment process in your accounting recruitment agent’s hands. They’ll call on you when your input or approval is needed. They’ll usually conduct the first round of interviews, and only select the finest candidates to meet you.

Remember you only want a shortlist of those who are the most suited to—and interested in—your advertised post. Accounting recruitment agents can help through efficiently filtering these out. Your advantage? Step in only when you’re needed most—to put an attractive offer on the table.

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4. Market Understanding

An accounting recruitment agent who specialises in your field will be up-to-speed with the latest industry developments and trends.

Not sure where to find the talent you’re looking for or how to connect with them? What salary should you offer? There’s so much to consider. Accounting recruitment agencies can help answer all of these questions and more. Their understanding of your specific market and recruitment industry trends helps them help you. They’ll support your business, and partner with you to find the correct skillsets.

5. Pinpointing of Suitable Candidates

If you’ve already tried the hiring process without an expert’s help, you’ve likely been overwhelmed by the response of applicants who don’t quite fit the job description. Even if the trend unemployment rate doesn’t change, a talent shortage makes it increasingly difficult to attract and retain the skilled workforce you need.

Many job seekers respond to any and every job advertisement they see, regardless of whether they’re actually suited to the post. Chances are, they probably aren’t the perfect match.

By hiring an accounting recruitment agent, you know they’ll be on the lookout for specific skills. They’ll liaise with the applicants and assess whether further engagement is necessary. Accounting recruitment agencies won’t find you the applicants, but rather the optimal candidates who are in line with your exact requirements.

Accounting recruitment agencies will pre-select and pinpoint relevant candidates who meet your specific criteria. Only then will they offer them an interview opportunity with you.

There are numerous other reasons why accounting recruitment agencies can help you. It’s a sound and valuable business investment. Leave it to the professionals and trust them to find the ultimate shortlist of candidates to benefit your company. The bonus? You continue your job while the experts do what they do best—help you!