Carrying out windows Brampton replacement can go a long way toward making your windows more functional and aesthetically appealing. Besides, the new windows are more energy-efficient, and that means they reduce your energy bills since they don’t allow cold air transference into your home. Apart from that, they also boost the security of your home since the new units are more robust compared to existing units.

With all those benefits that come with new replacement windows in Brampton, many homeowners are not sure how often they need to replace the windows. If that is what you are interested to know, WindowTech has you covered.  Consider the following aspects to understand how often you ought to replace your windows Brampton.

1. Common Window Problems

The best way to decide the right time to replace the windows Brampton is by observing the status of the windows. Here are some signs that would show you that you need to replace the windows.

2. Drafty Windows

Brampton windows become drafty when their weather-stripping become loose. If this happens, the windows start allowing hot and cold air in your home. Depending on the status of the frame, you can opt to install a new weather-stripping. However, if the window sill is rotten or broken, the only assured way to deal with drafts is to install new replacement windows.

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3. Foggy Glass

If you see fog or condensation occurring between the glass panes (this happens in triple or double-pane windows) this implies that there are holes on the glass panes that you cannot see. This means the barrier has been tampered with and your units are no longer energy efficient. Replacing the existing windows with new and energy-efficient windows Brampton will go a long way to make your home energy efficient and more comfy to live in.

4. Poor Operation

When you bought your windows, they used to operate flawlessly, and you didn’t need to apply a lot of force when closing or opening them. However, that is no longer the case now. Now your windows cannot close and open, and if they do, you have to use a lot of force. If that is the case, you need to invest in new replacement Brampton windows.

5. High Energy Bills

When you compared your energy costs for last month and what you paid this month, there is a huge difference that you cannot account for. You have never added new electrical appliances, and you are worried about what could be the issue.

Have you checked the condition of your windows? If not, inspect them right now, and you will notice that they are letting in cold air that is driving your energy bills up since you have to keep your HVAC system running to keep your home cool. Your windows are the main culprit, and the best way to deal with them is to have new windows installed.

6. Broken Frames And Window Panes

There is no shortcut if the window panes or the frame of the windows is broken. That not only makes your home less energy-efficient, but it also causes security concerns for the people living in your home. So, you need to do windows Brampton as soon as possible.

7. Soft Window Frame

This problem usually occurs when the window frames are exposed to moisture for a long time. When you touch them, you will feel they are soft. This compromises the robustness of the windows and, therefore, when you notice that, you should opt for new windows.

8. Postponing Window Replacement In Brampton

Not all people choose to replace their windows Brampton when they see the signs above. Some decide to postpone window replacement and keep the existing windows for two or more years. When the windows are not in a good state, they make your home uncomfortable to live in, increase heating and cooling bills, make your home unappealing, and with time, they may compromise the structural integrity of your structure.

These problems can become severe over time and need expensive repairs. If you don’t want to expose yourself to all these problems and unnecessary expenses, it is a good idea to opt for window replacement as soon as possible when you see the signs.

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