A $120,000 artwork sparked widespread controversy. A hungry student ate it!

After sparking controversy about 4 years ago, a work of art, which is a piece of banana fixed on the wall, returns to the façade again.

An art student from Seoul University found this artwork belonging to the Italian artist, Maurizio Cattelan, on the wall at the Yoom Museum of Art in Seoul, South Korea, where he devoured it as soon as he saw it.

A museum spokesperson told CNN that the student ate the banana because he was hungry.

After eating the banana, the student re-glued the peel to the wall. The museum curators replaced the old banana peel with a new, fresh one.

A museum spokesman also explained that “it happened suddenly, so no special action was taken. The artist (Catelan) was informed of the incident, but he did not record any reaction to what happened.”

120 thousand dollars

It is noteworthy that the artwork, titled “Comedy”, became among the most prominent events in the art world when it was sold for $ 120,000 at Art Basel Miami Beach in December 2019.

Yoom Museum

Two copies of it were also sold at the exhibition.

The work is part of Cattelan’s solo exhibition, which runs at the museum in Seoul until July 16.

The banana is replaced regularly, every two to three days, and the work is not for sale.

Known for satirical pieces that challenge popular culture, Cattelan often sparks controversy over conceptual art.


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