Avast Premier Review

This Avast Premier Review was revised and updated on Jan 29, 2018

Avast Premier Review 2018

Avast Premier is one of the most easy-to-use applications for those planning to make higher level of security of personal PC as well as Internet browsing. Its interface is simple and clear so that you do not need a special technical knowledge to set it up. It has nice and modern design so that you will love working with it. Currently Avast has a comprehensive update on its number of features and tools. There are numerous add-ons, which can help you to permanently destroy files as well as notice you immediately if something happens.

With a comprehensive list of tools and features, which are always updated immediately, you will have an opportunity to scan your files, documents and Internet websites and pages, create reports and watch statistics, which can help you to monitor a performance. In case of any questions you can easily ask questions or get a quick support from client service of Avast Premier, which is available 24/7.

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  • Simple scans
  • High marks of testing
  • Full-featured data shredder
  • Good malware protection
  • Firewall
  • Not enough phishing protection
Bottom Line

Avast Premier did a great job by offering a friendly solution for malware detection and removal. Currently Avast Premier is one of the most well-known and reliable tools for working with Internet security 

Avast Premier Review 2018

Avast Premier gone successfully through several tests on PC, laptops and other devices and showed perfect results.

Avast Premier is totally independent solution as it is updating every time it scans for a new malwares and viruses as well as has a wide range of tools and features.


AVAST PREMIER mainInstallation process is pretty simple and does not require a lot of time. Before the purchase you can easily get a free trial to test it on your devices and understand the need to purchase a full version for your needs. Moreover, you can easily stop your subscription any time you need.

If you decided to download Avast Premier – you can just get an installation file and install it to your PC in several minutes. In order to use it you should get a personal key by completing a simple registration process and entering into your account.

Feature Set

AVAST PREMIER scanAvast Premier has a wide range of tools and features so that you can be totally sure that with this type of solution your PC will be secured on 100%.
When you entered Avast Premier panel – you will see a large orange button “Run a Quick Scan”, which will help you to analyze an amount of threats or malwares available on your computer, which should be destroyed. Also application will show you an amount of outdated programs and software, which should be updated as soon as possible. Moreover, you will find out what passwords are really weak and get suggestions to change them.

AVAST PREMIER network scanAnother essential feature allows you to maintain a scan for viruses. In this case Avast Premier will scan your system and locate malwares, Internet threads or any other important issues, which should be fixed immediately. Remember that such threats influence a lot on the overall productivity and performance of your computer. If it is low – maybe you should run a quick review. In this case you can just click on the button “Scan for performance issues” and get a short report from a program.

Another essential tool Avast Premier has is “Tools” where you can set up a list of malwares or threats, which are prioritized as well as analyze an opportunity to create a list of websites, which cannot be entered from this particular PC.

AVAST PREMIER cleanupWhen it comes to insights and analytics, Avast Premier has a variety of reports available. For example, you can generate report with the components for a particular date or create a report, which will gather information based on several months of usage. In any case, you can choose any date you need so that your reports will be personalized and optimized. If you are interested to see a realtime data – it is also available in Avast Premier administrative panel. It will show you a list of threats, if any as well as overall file system shield. You will see a list of scanned files as well as analyze network traffic. In this case you can download report with visuals as well as statistics and text.

Avast Premier has a function to update automatically. It means that you do not need to worry about the need to update it when it says. Moreover, it can scan some websites and web pages in order to understand the lack of security patches and inform you about it.


Avast Premier 2018 is considered being a comprehensive solution for those planning to make a protection of personal gadget higher as well as manage an overall security of Internet browsing and data. It costs $20 per year, which is considered being a very low price for such a list of effective tools it has. Avast Premier is recommended for usage for personal and business needs as one of the most reliable and simple solution.

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Avast Premier 2018 is considered being a comprehensive solution for those planning to make a protection of personal gadget higher as well as manage an overall security of Internet browsing and data. It costs $20 per year,Avast Premier Review