5 Best Sport Shoes in The World

We think it is necessary to give the public a clear guideline of the world famous sports shoes brand like Nike shoes and etc. Here is a simple list of best sports shoes brand.


1. Nike :

As a well-known American sports brand, Nike was famous for its high quality Nike shoes and advanced technology. Besides, the swoosh logo as well as the popular slogan “just do it” make it one of a kind and gain a great amount of reputation.


2. Adidas :

Created by Germany, Adidas has represented a special kind of status. Founded in 1948, Adidas has helped countless athletes to achieve success. Thus, it is a successful example which perfectly combined both trust and respect of the public.


3. Puma :

Puma founded on 1924 by Adolf and Rudolf Dassler. is a major German company that produces sportswear and athletic and casual footwear, the company was split into Adidas and Puma on 1948


4. Fila :

Founded in Italy in 1926, the products of Fila involved many fields including sports shoes area. Now, it has become one of the most famous fashion sports shoes brand in Italy.


5. Reebok :

Reebok is a subsidiary of German sportswear giant Adidas. It firstly originated from Europe mainly in UK, then expansion its business to international.


6. K-Swiss :

K-Swiss was founded by two Swiss brothers who were interested in tennis and introduced the first leather tennis shoes. It was once elected as the best company by American Footwear News


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