How only one engineer froze Twitter… and a strange video from Musk

How only one engineer paralyzed Twitter

For hours, Twitter users were unable to access links on the platform as a malfunction seemed to be occurring. Each time they clicked on one, an error message appeared that read: “Your API plan does not include access to this endpoint.” Though details of what caused the outage are still unknown at present.

While the company vaguely attributed worldwide malfunctions to an internal alteration, made by their well-known platform that resulted in unforeseen consequences.

What is this change?

Although the specifics were not clarified, an internal source from within the company disclosed that this alteration was part of a plan to eliminate free access to Twitter’s Application Programming Interface (API). Platformer brought this information forward.

On February 1, Twitter announced an end to free access of its application programming which drastically curtailed the potential for external researchers to effectively study the network. He clarified this further during his presentation.

Further elaborating, he shared that the renowned Twitter platform – acquired by American magnate Elon Musk last October – is in the process of devising a brand new paid API for developers to use.

Bad change

From the start of his “Blue Bird” purchase, Musk has been devoted to reducing costs and maximizing efficiency. Because of this policy, only one engineer was selected for the task.

Yesterday, a misguided alteration by this engineer caused Twitter’s application programming to malfunction, so reported the present employee.

Before the other developers and engineers in the company hastily act to fix this “problem”!

Twitter provides an Application Programming Interface (API) to third-party developers, enabling them to make their own modifications on the platform utilizing a set of protocols and definitions.

Strange video

Conversely, the owner of Twitter–a controversial figure–opted to share with his followers a video from the animated movie “Madagascar 2”; it depicted a group of animals gathered on an airplane whose engine had failed.

On Tuesday, he tweeted “This helpful video explains precisely what happened on Twitter today!” to illustrate the incident in further detail.

Yesterday, thousands of users from across the globe reported being unable to access external links.

The technical department of the company tweeted that some features on Twitter may not be performing properly for now due to a “glitch” caused by an update. This problem is unintended and they are working hard to get it fixed soon.

After attempting to stabilize itself following a series of layoffs that resulted in over two-thirds of its personnel being laid off, the company quickly remedied their glitch within an hour.

Although specialists declared that the platform is presently managed with a limited number of personnel, leaving it vulnerable to breakdowns and false information as well as offensive content.

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