If life gives you lemons, and you have to make juice, all you need is the best juicer that meets all your juicing requirements. The pursuit of a perfect juicer is no longer an arduous task. You can visit thejuicerking to view various options of juicers to decide which one suits you based on your needs.

Do’s and Don’ts for Buying the Perfect Juicer

There are certain essential features you need to look for when buying the right juicer. If you do not consider them, you might end up spending a lot of money on buying a machine you wouldn’t like operating.

Plan your Budget

The initial action that you need to take is deciding on a budget. There are various kinds of juicers out there ranging from 50 $ to 1500 $. You wouldn’t want to overstep your budget for an extravagant juicer that would serve your purpose as effectively as a low-cost juicer would. 

On the other hand, a slightly more expensive juicer would have the potential to fulfill your requirements. Preplanning your budget would be a significant first step in buying the best juicer that suits you.

Know your Purpose

One vital thing before choosing a juicer is to know your purpose. Ask yourself what kind of fruits or vegetables you would be juicing. If you want a good juicer for fruits and vegetables, a centrifugal juicer will suffice as it is ideal for fresh fruits. But if you’ll be juicing leafy green vegetables, a masticating juicer would be a better choice than centrifugal juicers as they extract more juice and lock in more health benefits in leafy greens.

Keep in View your Convenience

Juicing is not an easy task, especially early in the morning or after working hours when you are most tired. Juicing involves prep time, juicing time, and last but not least, cleaning. Even if your juicer is spectacular, you will become worn out if it is difficult to clean. 

For more convenience, look for a juicer that is easy to clean. A juicer with removable parts that are dishwasher safe would be the ideal choice.

Consider Easy Storage

A bulky juicer is strenuous and challenging to assemble, disassemble and store. It would be more of a bother than a benefit. Make sure that the juicer you choose is straightforward, easy to pack and store. It would help in making your juicing experience an enjoyable one.

Less Prep Time

If you lead a crazy life, consider buying a juicer with a broader feed. A wider feed mouth would save a lot of your time as you wouldn’t have to cut your fruits and vegetables into many pieces before juicing.

Opt for a Quiet Juicer

In case of bad-tempered neighbors or pets and babies in the house, go for a juice extractor, which produces less noise. A quiet juicer would not only keep people around you happy, but it will also allow you to juice in flexible hours. For instance, when everyone else is asleep in the house.

Be Aware of the Juice Quality

If you are a severe juicer, you would not just consider your convenience, and you would want your juice quality to be optimized. Certain juicers juice so fast that the heat produced kills the enzyme present in your juice.

Selecting a juicer that would preserve the antioxidants, enzymes, and vitamins in your juice is essential. You wouldn’t want to destroy the nutritional value of your fruits and vegetables and waste your money. 

Look for Added Security

Added security is an essential feature our juicer should have. Your juice extractor must have a secure lock system that can prevent accidents from happening. Look for this feature, especially if you have kids at home. Many juicers also have anti-slip rubber feet. Rubber feet will prevent them from dancing on your countertop, or worse, falling from it.

Review your Juicer’s Warranty

You wouldn’t want to be stuck with a juicer that fails to work after a few attempts. It is wise to invest in models with a more extended warranty, especially if you are buying for daily use. Every juicer’s motor is likely to burn under too much pressure.

Check Out the Durability of your Juicer

A high-quality, reliable juicer is much better than a cheaper version with low quality. Durability is the key when looking for a juicer with longer life. The quality of its encasing, motor power, and authenticity of the juicer model is essential to consider before buying the best juicer for your kitchen.


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