Staying healthy isn’t always easy. That’s more true now than ever before. 

The COVID-19 has changed the way most people live their daily lives. It’s become a challenge to simply go to the store, interact with friends and family, or even try to find a way to work without getting sick.

That’s why it’s so important to wear a face mask. In recent months, blue face masks have become as common as any other type of clothing.  

This article takes a look at how to put on a face mask in order to minimize the risk of exposure to the virus. Keep reading to get the inside scoop on remaining as healthy as possible during this challenging time.

Wash Your Hands

Before you do anything else, always wash your hands. Never underestimate the importance of this. Washing with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds is crucial to staying healthy. You’d also be wise to cleanse your hands with alcohol-based hand sanitizer. 

Check for Defects

Masks can easily be damaged during the manufacturing and shipping process. Thus you need to check for defects. This could include tears in the material or broken loops. 

Colored Side Out

Now make sure the colored side is facing out and the metallic strip is positioned at the bridge of your nose. This will ensure that the mask sits properly on the contours of your face.

Forming it to Your Face

Keep in mind that the metallic strip will bend to the face of your face. Simply place a finger on each of the bridge of your nose, then apply pressure to the strip, pinching and pressing down until it fits snuggly. 

Here’s a resource for daily face masks.

Securing Your Mask

The method for securing the mask to your head will depend on the type of mask.

For example, if your mask has ear loops, simply hook a loop over each ear. For masks with ties, tie the upper string in a bow near the crown of your head, and the bottom string in a bow near the nape of your neck. Masks with dual elastic bands, pull both bands over the top of your head, positioning the top band against the crown of your head and the bottom band against the nape of your neck.

Set it and Forget it

Once the mask is in place, don’t touch it. After all, the less your hands come into contact with the mask, the better. Leave it covering your mouth and chin and you’re safely at home and out of harm’s way.

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Things to Avoid

Never leave your mask hanging around your neck or dangle from one ear. Never crisscross the ties. And never reuse a single-use mask. 

A Complete Guide to How to Put On a Face Mask

When it comes to staying healthy during the COVID-19 pandemic, always follow the rules and make smart decisions. These tips for how to put on a face mask will help definitely help protect you and everyone around you. 

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