Madonna Admits She Had Plastic Surgery: “Swelling Less”

Madonna Admits She Had Plastic Surgery

Madonna, the world-renowned singer, addressed her critics after taking to the 2023 Grammy Awards stage with a noticeably altered face in contrast to what viewers expected. Fortunately for Ms. Madonna, once the swelling from surgery had receded she was back to her original self!

Although the artist was reticent about revealing any details concerning her operation for an extended period of time, she finally determined that it was necessary to make a statement. Although she did not specify what sort of procedure had taken place, many believe it could have been anything from a facelift and nose job to skin treatments.

Madonna wrote a long post on Instagram expressing her annoyance at the bad comments that targeted her.

Madonna confirmed that instead of the audience focusing on the historic performance of Sam and Kim’s song Unholy, they chose to focus on her look and features.

She went on to explain how she was once again ensnared in the chauvinistic and oppressive environment that is so pervasive in today’s society, one which refuses to laud women beyond their mid-forties yet expects them to suffer punishment for daring to demonstrate resilience, hard work, and a zest for life.

Concluding her speech, Madonna declared she would never be sorry for the creative decisions she has made regarding her look and attire. She admitted that the media had insulted her since entering showbiz but now realized it was all part of a test. Expressing joy at being able to help other women steer clear from such situations in future generations, Madonna proudly proclaimed: “I am happy to be the scapegoat!”

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