Password Boss Review

Password boss review

It is a well admired fact that password management is a herculean task, as there is a growing number of websites and each of them demands password for account creation. If one uses the same password or a vulnerable and easy to guess password it may put your account security at stake. Our in-depth study on password managers has lead us to Password boss- one of the best password managers ever. User may install password Boss across PC, iOS, and Android gadgets and flawlessly sync data flow between them.

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  • Synchronize data across multiple gadgets/li>
  • Bank-grade security
  • Free for single gadget
  • Edit text, images, pages
  • Form filling
  • Unlimited secure sharing
  • Does not support MAC
  • syncing features only for PREMIUM version
Bottom Line

Password Boss is a great Password Management software with impressive features and very nice GUI. and you can use for free

Password Boss Review Review 

If you wish to adhere to only one gadget without features like syncing, sharing or online backup you may make use of Password boss for free. Charities and other non-profit organizations could use Password boss as a free password manager and enjoy premium features.

Password Boss dashboardInstallation process was pretty straight –forward and could be achieved in less than 2 minutes. Once you have done with the installation process, you need to provide a master password. Master password is the solution to unravelling the data you have stored in Password Boss. Make sure to select a robust password and not to forget it. Password boss cannot help you with password recovery if you have lost the Master Password.

Password Boss Digital WalletPassword-boss offers a galore of features to maintain your password safe like secure cloud backup, 2-stage verification process and unlimited secure sharing.

Simplified passwords – It makes password management quite easy, user need to just remember one master password and Password boss will key in unique username and password for you.

Safe encryption – Password boss is based on 256bit AES encryption, which renders your password safe.

Digital Wallet – You can save time inputting credit card details by a one-click checkout

Form filling – You need not be bothered about filling out forms manually any more, let Password Boss key in the info for you.

Secure cloud password manager – Password boss automatically backs up your data in an encrypted format to a safe location. Even if your gadget is lost, you would still have access to your valuable data.

Secure sharing – You can now share your worthwhile data with people you could count on. You would have absolute command over who gets the data.

Password Boss checkout fillingSecure browser – Password boss proves that it is a comprehensive package when it comes to safety. It rejects browser extensions, removes cookies and temp files automatically when you have closed the program and even fortifies your system from DNS hijacking challenges.

One feature that has grabbed our attention is a personal security store – it comes with suggestions on how users can boost their online security.

With password manager pro user can relish features like account recovery, priority support, unlimited secure sharing and unlimited password storage. This nifty online password manager also supports multiple logins for a single website.


In a nutshell, Password boss is an efficient and desirable secure password manager with a remarkable feature set. It is all set to be even better in the near-future with the incorporation of Mac support.

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In a nutshell, Password boss is an efficient and desirable secure password manager with a remarkable feature set. It is all set to be even better in the near-future with the incorporation of Mac support.Password Boss Review