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MaxiGiftCards: 5 Old PC Games That Are Still Going Strong

We talked to some of the people behind MaxiGiftCards and here is what they have to say about this topic.
Gaming monitor

Gaming monitor for higher end games

From the past decade till now the games have a lot of improvement and they are detailed with high graphics with color formation. Naturally,...
Eagles Peak

OSRS – Eagles’ Peak Quest Guide

Here is a great quest for you to embark on to further your Hunting skills in OSRS.The Eagles’...
Clumsy Bird Mimy

Clumsy Bird – Mimy Review

Experienced gamers will probably remember the Flappy Bird arcade about a bug-eyed bird flying over green pipes. This game was so challenging...

The Graphically Awesome: 5 of the Most Breathtaking Games to Play on Your PC

One of the best things to do while you’re waiting for this pandemic to die out is to play video games. You...

Learn How To Control Flights With A Pc Flight Simulator Game

If you’re an aviation student, have you ever wondered why your brain freezes up when you press the push-to-talk switch? There’s an...
best MMO games

5 best MMO games to enjoy in 2020

The MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online) is one of the most popular and characteristic genres of video games due to its great impact...
Solving puzzles for escape games

Solving puzzles for escape games

Many people enjoy playing escape games because they are very mentally stimulating and challenging. The team playing the escape game at Escape...

What Escape Room is the Best?

Of all the different sorts of games and competitions that have popped up over the past few years, the escape room is...

3 Keys to Landing the Best Gaming Headset

Playing video games is something millions of people do on a daily basis.For many of these players, they...

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