(Video) She raised her eyes up before falling to the ground. A terrifying video of the moment a weather expert fainted on an American TV channel

In a terrifying scene that many watched live, the CBS meteorologist in Los Angeles, America, Alyssa Carlson Schwartz, fainted, and The online community of social media users shared a video clip showing her eyes raised up before she fell to the ground, According to what was reported by the British newspaper ” Daily Mail “.

The Los Angeles meteorologist at CBS was about to deliver her report, 7 a.m., on Friday, March 17, 2023, explaining the weather to the city’s residents when her face turned yellow and she was trying to catch herself with her arms on the floor. table, while her colleagues chatted between departments.

Alyssa Carlson-Schwartz tried to keep her smile but before she could even begin to forecast the weather, her eyes “flipped” upwards. She fell slowly, leaning her arms on the table, then her legs betrayed her, and she fell hard to the ground in a live TV broadcast.

Her colleagues didn’t seem to notice that Schwartz fainted at first, as her colleague walked straight to her and said, “Alyssa, this is the calm before the storm.” Seconds later, she says an astonished “Oh” and can be seen writhing in her chair, trying to see what happened to Schwartz.

Later, she sent via Facebook, reassuring her that her health had improved. Back in 2014, while working at a different station, she had another embarrassing episode. She was filling-in for one of her truant colleagues when abruptly she vomited during the live broadcast!

Alyssa Carlson Schwartz’s life seemed to take a turn for the worse after she consulted a doctor, as reported by the British Daily Mail. It was then that her diagnosis of a leaky heart valve came about. Miraculously though, stem cells from her pregnancy were able to repair her damaged heart – leading one to ponder if this could have been connected with any prior issues related to it.


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