“Unabomber” .. Elon Musk supports the “hater of technology”

The death of the man who terrified America for years

Ted Kaczynski, nicknamed “Unabomber”, died at the age of 81, on Saturday, a person who sent parcel bombs during the late seventies and early nineties of the last century to several destinations in the United States, and he is known as a person who “hates technology” and considers the industrial revolution a “disaster”. On humans, according to US media.

Ted Kaczynski, whose sending explosive packages caused shock in the United States between 1978 and 1995, was found dead in his cell at the age of 81, and his hatred of technology was remarkable. He wasn’t wrong.”

And ” Forbes ” magazine stated in a lengthy report that “Elon Musk, the entrepreneur who builds some of the most advanced technologies the world has ever seen, indicated that the Unabomber may have been right about the emergence of technology that has caused many problems for mankind.”

“Maybe he wasn’t wrong,” Musk wrote on Twitter, commenting on a tweet about Ted Kaczynski, who died in prison on Saturday.

Ashley St. Clair tweeted a quote from Kaczynski that said, “The Industrial Revolution and its consequences were a disaster for the human race.” Musk responded to her tweet with a comment.

And Forbes says, “Musk’s clear sympathy for Kaczynski’s ideas will certainly surprise many fans of the billionaire businessman and tycoon, who owns and operates major technology companies such as the social networking platform, Twitter, the electric car company, Tesla, and the space exploration company SpaceX.”

Musk also runs Neuralink, which recently won approval to conduct human experiments using brain chips, as well as a newly founded artificial intelligence company called X.AI, none of which would have been possible without the industrial revolution, according to Forbes.

Forbes explained that Kaczynski, who lived in a cabin in Montana, was motivated by a hatred of the modern world and technology for the killings. This hatred has made Kaczynski a folk hero to people of all stripes, who see his worldview as fundamentally correct. It is certainly strange to see someone like Musk, who made his fortune in the world of technology, agree with the ideas of the Yonabomber.

NBC News reported that the Unabomber published an anti-technology manifesto in the Washington Post and New York Times and that the phrase “The Industrial Revolution and its consequences were a disaster for the human race,” which St. Clair quoted, was the first line of the Unabomber’s statement.

And Forbes pointed out that an email was sent to Twitter with questions about Musk’s position on the Unabomber, without getting a response.

On the other hand, a source told ” ABC News ” that Yonabomber may have committed suicide in prison, and “the death is being investigated as a suicide, but officially there is no cause of death yet.”

ABC News said the Yonabomber’s statement, which was published in the New York Times and Washington Post, was 35,000 words long.

Kaczynski attended Harvard at age 16, earned a Ph. D. in mathematics from the University of Michigan, and has also threatened to blow up planes, according to the FBI.

US authorities said he grew up in Chicago, where he sent the first package bomb, taught at the University of California, Berkeley, where he left two package bombs, and lived in Salt Lake City, which was also the target of his package bombs.

Starting in 1978 and over 18 years, the Harvard mathematician Kaczynski sent 16 bombs in parcels to different people and companies, killing three people and wounding 23. After a long chase, he was arrested in 1996 and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1998.

The New York Times, citing the Federal Bureau of Prisons, reported that Kaczynski was found unconscious in his cell on Saturday morning and that the cause of his death remains unknown.

After spending a prolonged period in a maximum security prison in Florence, Colorado, which is recognized for detaining prominent inmates such as El Chapo, a drug lord who was relocated to a correctional health facility in North Carolina in 2021.

Theodore (Ted) Kaczynski was a brilliant mathematician who turned into a “hermit” and made his bombs in a cabin in the mountains of Montana (northwest) that had been cut off from water and electricity, according to AFP.

At first, he targeted university academics and airlines, which explains the nickname “Unabomber” that was given to him (referring in English to his bombing of universities and airlines).

In September 1995, after promising to stop sending bombs, The New York Times and The Washington Post published a long statement expressing his hatred of technology and the modern world.

While reading the statement, a resident of the American East Coast, David Kaczynski, noticed similarities between the text and ancient texts written by his brother, Theodore, who was cut off from his family years ago. He told the FBI what led to Ted Kaczynski’s arrest in April 1996.

Despite being diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, in 1998 he was sentenced to life imprisonment after pleading guilty.


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