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We all know the entire craze for online shopping right after the launch of all these famous online shopping sites. Guilty as charged, but we ourselves have browsed through their section’s day in and day out sometimes, in order to get a hands-on offer which, we could not get at a bricks-and-mortar store or from those times when we went thrift shopping.

Online shopping has never been any easier, with all due courtesy of a wide gamut of retailers mushrooming on the internet and getting lost in their way in the world wide web.

Other than the rising temperature and the expanded end of the week sea shore trips, summer carries the inclination to shop and revive the closets. It’s presumably because of the warm climate, and those ends of the week visits require a couple of adorable and light outfits. With the expanded internet business base, you would now be able to unwind on your lounge chair and shop through the most recent styles on the web.

Furthermore, you don’t need to burn up all available resources to redo your look, on account of the various shopping limits offered by these stages.

The numbers speak for themselves as well, it is estimated that globally, there has been a surge in shopping online, and it has shot up to as much as 18.4%. This is precisely why we are here to sum up a list for you to shop from online, which has a plethora of options, along with an easy return policy and chique designs.

Online Retailers You Should Really Check out once:

  1. ASOS: A pretty unique acronym which stands for ‘As Seen on Screen’, this brand is known for its methods of affordable fashion. Founded in the year 2000, the brand has now expanded and is outsourcing their attires to as many as three hundred and fifty brands to around two hundred countries. It was initially jump-started keeping in mind their target audience of the eighteen-to-twenty-five demographic since they are always looking out and are keen on getting themselves clothes which are of an affordable price range. The return policies of ASOS are pretty great, and the shopping experience is almost hassle free.
  • Nasty Gal: This is a US based brand which was initially started by a student while she was in college, inspired by one of her favorite role models. This clothing chain has a specialty in fashion apparel and can easily be called one of the exponentially fastest growing brands. Founded originally in Los Angeles, California, Nasty Gal now has a market and a target audience splayed over as many as sixty countries. The Nasty Gal returns policy is also pretty smooth, with basic regulations like returning them within forty-five days of usage. All in all, it can be called a pretty chique and urban clothing retailer in the United Kingdom.
  • Zalando: Zalando is a brand which is extremely famous for having a high street marketing at the ease of sitting at home. This is a company which is originally based in Berlin, and it is proud to say that it is a stockist of as many as over two thousand European brands which are all high street in nature. They cater to women, children as well as men and have all the branded clothes starting from Levi’s to Ghost and Topshop, and also move on to all those brands which are not very famous, like those of Noisy May and Selected Femme.
  • Next: Next is obviously a Brit brand which has gone multinational. It houses apparel, footwear as well as home accessories and decor. Based on its headquarters situated in Enderby in Leicestershire, the brand has expanded itself into as many as seven hundred shops, among which there are five hundred in Europe itself, and the rest of them are splayed all across Asia, and the Middle East. If we talk of Next returns policy, they are pretty nominal as well, and are almost similar to all other websites and stores. They have an excellent service when it comes to picking up and dropping the item of return and they definitely need a special mention or two for that!

Wrapping Up

These are the brands which we think deserve a special mention for keeping their website so updated, de-cluttered as well as have an excellent logistical service. We would highly recommend these brands to any individual who is looking for anything to buy for themselves, starting from off-the-street fashion apparel, to footwear and accessories.


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