Xara Web Designer 11 Premium Review

XARA Web Designer 11 Premium review
XARA Web Designer 11 Premium

It is a well known fact that by and large there is stretches of HTML, javascript and other occult code for designing even simple websites, but most of us would possibly not peep behind the curtain.May be you are a newbie in web designing or a well qualified designer interested in a no-code way to create websites. XARA Web Designer 11 Premium is one of the best website design softwares for users and a laudable upgrade.


Price: Xara Web Designer $39.95

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  • Responsive web design
  • Offers as high as thirty web themes and also mobile variants
  • Password protection
  • Admirable animation and effects
  • Image editing is somewhat basic compared to other web development softwares.
  • Does not include navigator to help you comprehend the hierarchy of website info.
Bottom Line

Xara Web Designer 11 Premium is one of best web design suite in the market for long time, it provide comprehensive features set with ease to use and high level customer support

XARA Web Designer 11 Premium Review

XARA WEB DESIGNER 11 PREMIUM offers copious features to cater to the needs of the pro user

Single Page SuperSites – This website design software renders the prospects to depict the XARA Web Designer 11 Premium homepagecomplete site as a single site, where you could make use of scroll or swipe to easily navigate through the document. If you still want to present the website in old-fashioned manner, XARA has solution for you also. Super-slick animated page transitions lets you present the website in flair.

Animation effects – You could add a multitude of animated effects in your website and serves as the right fit for supersites and presentations.

Flash & GIF animation – This feature is one of the highlights of this web designing software, you may export as .swf format with XARA web designer.

Website presentations – Users could effortlessly design ‘slide-show’ style presentations, XARA Web Designer 11 Premium imageand could easily navigate by means of keyboard arrow keys. Animated transition effects also help to take website design software to an all new level.

NEW Xara Web Designer 11 Premium:

  • All-in-one webdesign solution which encompasses customizable web graphics, webpage and website template designs.
  • Compatibility – Browser compatibility : IE 8+, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, additional import features in premium includes SVG, ODP, PPTX.
  •  XARA brings to table free 500MB web hosting , you may upgrade to 2 GB option with Web Designer Pro

Additional widgets – XARA Web Designer encompasses resizeable photo and content slideshow features to render your website more vibrant. It also offers a range of of interactive chart and graph widgets to make the website teeming with life.

Stretching backgrounds – Web softwares devoid of page boundaries are the latest trend, as you could make use of pictures, photographs or backgrounds to fill the web browser windows.

XARA Web Designer 11 Premium webpageDocument Sync – One feature that impressed our testing team is document sync feature by using either Dropbox or Google Drive. Capability to sync files in cloud platform makes it one of the most sought after website creation software.

Sticky objects – This feature lets you fix in position as the page scrolls beneath

Online Editing With cloud – With an innate and decent user interface, you could perform online editing with cloud , be it online editing, viewing or updating

Customization as needed – It lets you to drag and drop your own images, customize colors, drag and drop text panels etc.


If you are looking for a good web development software that does not require dynamic horizontal geometry, XARA WEB DESIGNER 11 PREMIUM is a good option to go for.

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